Fight Paris – Paradise Found

February 5, 2010

Fight Paris - Paradise FoundRipping pages directly from the Motley Crue handbook and making songs out of them, Fight Paris deliver 10 tracks of self-destructive good times.  My problem with it, however, is the overkill redundancy of it all.  “Ok, I get it.  You party, bang chicks and break things.  Now move on.”  The lone track I’m particularly partial to is "Destroyer", but much like getting completely wasted, it’s only good every now and then.

Maybe I’m hoping for too much when I’m asking a group of adolescents to scream about something else over their balls to wall rock and roll.  Some bands have managed to maintain the same themes throughout their career, but writing from different points of view.

I guess the most entertain part about this band is that they’re on Trustkill records, home to several straightedge hardcore bands.  It would make sense if these aren’t the popular guys in the hardcore scene for that very reason.  It's a good album to party too, similar to Andrew W.K., but other than that it's just ok.


Captain Morgan
Big Wheel Music Contributor



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