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If you have an interest in exposure to a targeted audience of fans who eat and breath the music lifestyle, you may want to take a look at advertising on Big Wheel Magazine to better connect with this crowd.

This site has been in existence for the past 15 years and has become one of the definitive sources for show photos, show reviews, all types of music related content as well as the show listings calendar. Over that same 15 years we have witnessed many websites and in some cases random photographers attempt to duplicate the content that is found within Big Wheel Magazine ...and all these same sources came and went as quickly as they came.

In addition to the vast inventory of content found on the site, another strength and resource that is viewed 17,000 to 20,000 times a day is the Show & Event Calendar. You will be very hard pressed to find a show listing like this that covers Punk and Indie rock shows all in one place without all the clutter of unrelated stuff. This site has a clear map to the venue, clear links to the venue themselves and all the information anyone would need to help them get information on current shows.

When you think that a print magazine charges $400-$500 for a half page and a $700-$900 for a full page ad -it is crazy to pay that much ....and that a print mag has a print run of 25,000 to 35,000, this site easily crushes those numbers just about daily online -at pennies of what print magazines charge. With print there were so many limitations in comparison to online, Big Wheel Online Magazine moves alot faster, providing more content, plus breaks out to a larger worldwide audience.

Just let us know what the budget constraints you may be forced to stay within, what types of durations and placements you are interested in and we can develop a campaign that best suits all of your needs. One of the things Big Wheel Magazine strives for is to have advertisers / sponsors that totally make sense with the site's audience. We don't feel that there is a need to take an ad just for the sake of taking an ad for the revenue, we want it to be a good fit with the audience, the site and the advertiser / sponsor. For advertisers that seek to be a continuous partner with the site in 6 to 12 month relationships, we certainly can tailor placements and pricing that makes it very cost effective. Our programmers can create ad placements that are standard to outside of the box customizations.

Standard ad types:     See visual examples of ad banners HERE

468x60 Top Banner - Rotates/appears on all pages

300x250 Block - Rotating/appears on all pages

300x250 Block - Non-Rotating/appears on all pages exclusive
- The client can dictate to have their ad rotate with different ads that are specific to their entity.

468x60 Show Listing Banner - Rotating/appears on all pages

468x60 Show Listing Banner - Non-Rotating/appears on all pages exclusive

- The client can dictate to have their ad rotate with different ads that are specific to their entity.

*** NEW -Full site takeover with your ad shown throughout the site on the left and right side.
     Special program allows for weekly to monthly placement

*** NEW -Sponsored advertorial and posts

240x120 Mini Skyscraper - Rotating

240x120 Mini Skyscraper - Non-Rotating

- The client can dictate to have their ad rotate with different ads that are specific to their entity.

120x75 Mini block - Rotating

Ad buyers with premium placement can get any additional ad space for 50% off
during the month of their ad buy.

Big Wheel Magazine sees strong traffic each and every month. This site serves as a place that fills the information void out there in music and lifestyle. We get so many requests to go cover events and bands that our schedule is full of shows and events we plan to cover. Being seen here gets you exposure to a large worldwide audience of music and action sports fans that are looking to Big Wheel to provide them with photos, video, timely coverage and lifestyle items. We offer banners in various sizes, preferred placement as well as premier placement so that you are seen on every single page and every single photo. Contact us today and we discuss a program with rates that can be tailored to your budget and needs.


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