The Templars – Old Firm Casuals – Pistol Grip – and The Forgotten – at The Bunk House – Las Vegas, NV

May 26, 2012

Following Nofx’s performance Saturday night was a traditional Oi! punk show at the Bunkhouse with The Forgotten, Pistol Grip, Old Firm Casuals, and The Templars. Doors opened as early as 10:30 p.m, resulting in the club show and festival overlapping for a brief amount of time. The Templars show sold out weeks beforehand

and with support from bands like Old Firm Casuals (which features Lars Frederikson of Rancid), it comes of no surprise that this club show sold out as fast as it did.

Throughout the night, the performing bands provided melodic tunes that exemplified the life and artistry of the working class punk, to which fans in the audience constantly paid tribute to by saluting the performing bands with Pabst Blue Ribbon up in the air. Men in the audience created circle pits, but when the pits were not in full motion, fists and Pabsts were raised all night to demonstrate support for each of the bands.

Pistol Grip performed for a lively crowd that did in fact constantly toast cheers to the band while they played on stage. Pistol Grip included fans into their performance by frequently allowing them the microphone and the ability to sing alongside the vocalist. Frederikson’s Old Firm Casuals on the other hand had a tough and serious dynamic within their Oi! sound and overall performance.

Many people shook to the beat of the band’s music and shouted out “Oi!” while the band played. Lastly, after a 15 minute delay, The Templars performed around 1:30 am and despite the delay, fans waited patiently and excitedly sang along to the band’s songs once they began to play. The Long Island natives delivered their classic sound and augmented the working class element of the night’s traditional skinhead atmosphere.

With only one more night of club shows left, the show at The Bunkhouse provided a satisfying hump in the three day roundup of Punk Rock Bowling’s club shows. Punks and skins united, partied, and enjoyed some good ol’ traditional sounds brought forth by the distinct bands that performed at this show. This notion can only adequately be met with a Pabst Blue Ribbon up in the air.

-Stephanie M.-
Big Wheel Senior Staff Reporter

                     More photos of the show can be seen HERE


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