The Lions – DJ Boss Harmony – at La Cita – Los Angeles, CA

February 6, 2014

On a seemingly normal Thursday night in Los Angeles reggae lovers came out in droves for an evening anything but normal. With temperatures finally reaching a more familiar chilly atmosphere, warmth and shelter would be provided by La Cita in los Angeles, as well as be our venue for the nights celebration. Thursday February 6th marked what would have been Robert Nesta Marley 69th birthday. 

Lovingly known as Bob Marley, Tough Gong and a bevy of other names we joined together to celebrate the man and his unquestioned mark on music, culture, humanity and world politics. Sadly decades later younger audiences may only tie his visage to a handful of songs and marijuana, but on those truly touched by his life and influence February 6th marked a true embodiment of unity and one love. 

As folks gathered together around one another like a pack to dance away to DJ Boss Harmony (Punky Reggae/DubClub) and his always world class selections, another Pack was ready to inhabit the cozy La Cita Bar for the evening. The Lions, a reggae super-hero ensemble, comprising top tier musicians from Los Angeles including (to name just a few) The Expanders and Hepcat, was primed and ready to mesmerize the now jam packed bar. The Lions have wasted no time in placing themselves atop the Los Angeles and national reggae scene, with two albums including last years hugely popular  ‘This Generation’ that saw it soar to the very top of the Billboard Reggae Charts garnering acclaim from all corners of the music industry. 

With that very same seemingly endless momentum, The Lions launched into their set with their brand of original and creative reggae music. With so much talent the tiny stage couldn’t contain all the members of the band, as the one-of-a-kind, three-part harmony of Alex Desert, Malik Moore and Black Shakespeare emphatically enthralled those close enough to dance along side them. With over fifteen scorchers burning through the amps, The Lions roar was welcomed and adored, masterfully crafted songs like ‘New Girl’ ‘Roll it ‘Round’ ‘Ethio-Steppers’ ‘Tuesday Roots’ possessed all within ear shot as the hips swayed and drinks emptied all in a wonderful tizzy of precise horns, soul scratching guitar work and the synonymous key work of Deston Barry.

Ending the night on the Wildly popular ‘This Generation’ and ‘Pick Up The Pieces’ The Lions and countless others continue to pick up the pieces in the Los Angeles reggae scene left behind by the early departure of Mr. Marley, harnessing his message and injecting new life and love along the way. The Lions pedigree (pun intended) is of the highest caliber and should be viewed in its natural environment: roaming the stage under the bright lights, proudly displayed for all to behold and enjoy. With the band back in the studio working on a brand new LP fans wont have to wait too long to enjoy The Lions once again, as March and April signal the release of ‘This Generation In Dub’ mixed by the Dub Club’s tom Chasteen to be released via Stones Throw and live performances at Alex’s Bar in Long Beach in March on the 7th and more to be confirmed soon.

Don’t miss any opportunities to see what most in Los Angeles have come to expect from these men over the years. Be sure to purchase their last album ‘This Generation’ at reputable locations and retailers like Amoeba Records and 

 More photos of the show can be seen HERE       

-Gio Van Dam-
Big Wheel Staff Reporter



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