The Adicts – Guilty By Association – The X Girlfriend Experience – at Wasted Space at The Hard Rock Hotel – Las Vegas, NV

April 4, 2009

The AdictsThe Night Started out with a 3 piece all female band called The X Girlfriend Experience they were a cross between The Donnas and The Runaways, power packed hard Rock And Roll. The Highlight of their performance seemed to be when during the song called "Prostitute" they threw out to the audience Panties and Bras. I must say that was pretty exciting. They played with pure Adenalin!!

After they left the stage, the 2nd band Guilty By Assoiciation came on, they were just plain Hard Ass Rock And Roll. The crowd really seemed to get into their music and alot of head banging was going on.  What more can I say about these guys they just seemed to get the Crowd ready for The Adicts.

The cool part when they hit the stage was during change over they play music in between set changes,  and the club had played a song by Iron Maiden, and the lead singer said he was really amazed that the crowd actually new who Iron Maiden was. This band has been around for quite some time,  and they keep getting better and better.

As Anticipated everybody was very anxious for The Adicts to hit the stage, And of course when they did, the crowd went crazy!!!  For me seeing The Adicts live is like going to The Ringling Brothers Circus on LSD.

The Adicts put on one of the best stage shows I've seen in along time. Playing such hits as Joker In The Pack, and Viva La Revolution. Who Split My Beer... and a plethora of all their hits.

A favorite part of the show is when they bring all the Naughty Girls onto the stage. And of course everybody had a blast when the Beach Balls came out, even tho i got a ball right to my face it was Fantastic!!! Everybody definitely had an awesome time me included!!!  It was another amazing show by these hooligans.
Bob Mandoki
Big Wheel Guest Reporter


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