Punk Rock Bowling 2012 Music Festival – Las Vegas, NV

May 26, 2012

With doors opening at 3:30 p.m, the first band of the day was up by 4 p.m. Opening band The Dips performed for a small crowd yet performed at full force with the band's guitarist jumping down from the stage to play guitar in the pit. The Dips may not have had a large crowd present for their set, but the band offered a performance that did not lack energy and substance.

Las Vegas natives Holding Onto Sound were a personal favorite of this reporter as their music relayed progressive rock influences into their overall Punk rock set. The band's music was intricate, erratic, yet beautifully orchestrated into a chaotic disorder that made perfect sense.

   Video overview of The Dips - Holding Onto Sound - Far From Finished set


Far From Finished exploded onto the stage with the band's vocalist running back and forth and screaming into the microphone with infinite power. The band exemplified East Coast attitude as their tough and radical showmanship made everyone aware of their presence.

The Real McKenzies were an interesting take on the weekend's dose of Punk rock as the band's instrument choice and clothing attire distinguished them from the rest. Bagpipe player Gord Taylor prepped the band's performance by playing small bits of popular themes, such as that of Star Wars and Tetris. Vocalist Paul McKenzie was flamboyant and eccentric on stage, ultimately offering a vivacious performance for the audience.

The Briefs brought the spirit of 77 to the festival with their rock and roll inspired songs. The influence of 77 style Punk was reminiscent of The Buzzcocks, and it rang within their performance all through the band's stage presence, music, and even their clothing. The Briefs had an overall old school sound that didn't strictly stay confined within the perimeters of Punk, but rather tied in the the melodic and artsy influence of classic rock and roll.

   Video overview of Real McKenzies - The Briefs - English Beat set


Later, The English Beat carried forth the melodic vibe that The Briefs carried, but instead executed it with a reggae and ska personality. The reggae characteristic of The English Beat's music indeed mellowed out both the crowd and the evening as most people stood by and grooved instead. Furthermore, skanking and dancing took place in the pit during the entire set, and it was as though the earlier fast paced pits were set in slow motion.

The Adicts - Punk Rock Bowling 2012 Music Festival - Las Vegas, NV - May 26, 2012
By the time it was The Adicts' turn to hit the stage, the hot Las Vegas sun was already gone and the cold dusty wind of the desert began to flow through. Fiddle Dan was the first to come forth and while he serenaded the audience with "Ode to Joy," the rest of the band eventually made their way to the stage. Once Monkey arrived, the audience devolved into screaming maniacs and from that point on, the mania never ceased. As usual, the band's set amazed all with their theatrics and use of the entire world's supply of confetti and glitter.

   Video overview of The Adicts set

When it was Nofx's turn to play, the band opened up with a few playful jokes about The Adicts, causing the audience to laugh and moan in unison. The band's set at Punk Rock Bowling was a treat in that they performed their album "Punk in Drublic" in its entirety, with several extra songs from other albums included. During the band's set, vocalist Fat Mike constantly talked shit and made jokes, all in good fun, and even made a comical song specifically for Punk Rock Bowling. Lyrics to "Who's Gonna be the First to O.D at PRB?" included "Is it gonna be you? Is it gonna be me?" which made fans roar with laughter. The band played about an hour and fifteen minutes, ending with their newly made song about PRB, though it was the third time they had performed it during their set

   Video overview of NOFX set - Check out the crowd

Day one of the 2012 Punk Rock Bowling and Music Festival wrapped up late into the night, and while the day show had ended, the second night of the club shows were already taking place. With the first day already over, Punk Rock Bowling party people had approximately two days left to demolish their livers and two days left to figure out who's gonna be the first to O.D. at PRB.

More photos of the show can be seen HERE


-Stephanie M.-
Big Wheel Senior Staff Reporter


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