Pool Party with DJ Lawless – Gold Spike Hotel – Las Vegas, NV

May 26, 2012

On such a gorgeous day one could only ask for so much to help kick off an amazing weekend at Punk Rock Bowling, Sunshine, Drinks, Beautiful women and great music. Sadly, on this day, the latter was nowhere to be seen or heard.

After much anticipation from the crowd that had already been gathered before Dj Lawless was scheduled to spin,now was beginning to be met with feelings of wonderment as to where the music was?. The patient and high spirited group of sun bathers made due, doing only what could be expected when in Vegas, Drink! eagerly bidding their time as the first hour came and went they conversed amongst one another sharing stories of shows past, bands seen and of course, Jello shots. As the clouds dispersed the temperature rose the alcohol and tan lines began to make their presence known to all not still asking themselves "Where the Dj was?".

Three hours after the set was to begin the pool party still had no music and far less people to interact with. And just like that, like the cavalry coming over the hill two Texans came to the rescue, Edward & David From Corpus Christi Texas decided to take it upon themselves to not only keep the party alive but start the actual party itself. Hauling in their own personal gear unplugging a water fountain and setting up a cabinet, speaker and the music on their phone. First being met with a sarcastic cheer from the pool go-ers quickly turned into free drinks and handshakes. The spirit of unity and the festival was on display today poolside at the Golden Spike Casino, Thanks to the quick thinking of a few Texans the drinking and bellyflop contests finally had its soundtrack.

-Gio Van Damn-
Big Wheel Staff Reporter

                     More photos of the show can be seen HERE


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