No Use For A Name – Good Riddance – Dead To Me – and The Bomb Pops – at The Country Saloon – Las Vegas, NV

May 26, 2012

Saturday May 26, the first day of the festival and the second night of the club shows.  Playing at the Country Saloon that night was almost a full line-up of Fat Wreck Chords bands.  Playing was The Bombpops, Dead to Me, Good Riddance, and No Use for a Name.
It was only a matter of minutes before the venue filled up.

The Bombpops took the stage first.  The four piece band is fronted by two girls, both playing guitar.  They played a short 8 song set, including songs from their “Stole the T.V.” EP.  The Bombpops’ fast and catchy pop-punk songs seemed to be  enjoyed by everyone watching.

Up next was Dead to Me.  They opened with one of their newer songs, but immediately went into playing like the songs “Splendid Isolation”, “A Day without a War”, and “Something New”.  More and more people came in as Dead to me got deeper into their set.  Slowly but surely, a small pit opened up, mostly with guys kind of just bumping into each other and singing their hearts out.  They ended their set with “By the Throat”. 

It was time for the band almost everyone was waiting for, Good Riddance.  Aside from their secret show that took place about a month ago, Good Riddance hadn’t played in 5 years.  The lights dimmed and it got quiet.  The CD intro from the album “A Comprehensive Guide to Modern Rebellion” began playing as the guys from G.R. came out on stage.  Their timing was perfect, so once the intro was over, they opened with “Weight of the World” and the madness began.

Good Riddance didn't waste any time talking between songs, but instead went into song after song, pumping the crowd up even more each song.  The pit never ended once it started.  Beers were getting knocked out of hands and spilling in the pit.  Sometimes when one person would fall, a sea of other fell on top of them, creating a dog pile of bodies.  They played “Made to Be Broken”, “Indoctrination”, “Letters Home”, and “A Credit to His Gender”, just to name a few.  They did a good job of mixing it up and playing a little off of every album.

Most people had gotten tired or were there mainly for G.R.  It wasn’t as packed as it had been, but there were still a lot of people in time for No Use for a Name. NUFAN was a fun band to watch. They started their set off with “Not Your Savior”. 

Dedicated Fat Wreck Chords/NUFAN fans were having a blast singing along and dancing to the songs played.  They played more songs like “Dumb Reminders”, Coming Too Close”, “International You Day” and “On the Outside”.  NUFAN gave it their all and played a good show, but sadly it came to an end.  The night was no longer young and most called it a night after the show.


-Corrina P.-

Big Wheel Senior Staff Reporter


                     More photos of the show can be seen HERE

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