Musink 2014 – Descendents – The Vandals – Love Canal – at The Orange County Fairgrounds – Costa Mesa, CA

March 21, 2014

Musink was as much about the artist as it was about the musicians and tattoo artist. Venders and other artist set up booths at the event as well. Tyson, an artist that has been drawing pin-up art for the better part of 10 years

was at the event selling some of his amazing pin-up art work. Jason and Chris from Degenerate Clothing Company, a vender that develops clothing that uses some of its profits to fund local musicians and tattoo artist, were also at the event promoting their company.

Big Wheel Magazine got a chance to interview Nick Cetrangolo (Lead Vocals for Red Devil Squadron), who was at Musink to tattoo and check out Judge. Cetrangolo, a local well known Musician, Skateboarder and Tattoo Artist was able to offer his unique perspective when asked what his general opinion of Musink 2014, he had this to say “I got to hand it to Travis Barker for getting some awesome bands. Usually at events like this, I find that there are a lot of mediocre bands, and those bands just end up being background noise. So it’s nice to get to see awesome bands and tattoo at the same time.”

Love canal opened up day one of Musink’s festivities and with Mr. Kerry (Vocals) yelling “are you excited to be here? I am because it's my fucking birthday.” Their set consisted of a fast paced straight up hardcore song selection that ended with “Civilization” and an audience ready and pumped for the vandals to take the stage next.

Staying true to their style The Vandals immediately began playing “Anarchy Burger" as soon as they stepped on stage followed by a performance of “Cafe 405” right after that. Not to be daunted by stage sound issues that had plagued the beginning of their set, The Vandals performance was done with poise and a kind of funny composure that only a band as seasoned as The Vandals could pull off. They ended their set with “My Girlfriend’s Dead” then instructed the audience to stick around for the headlining act, the Descendents that would take the stage next.

The Descendents were the last band to perform for the night. Their performance was nothing short of remarkable. One event of note that occurred during their set was when a kid was brought up on stage to recite the bands pledge, and how everyone in the crowd was laughing when the kid recited “thou shall not partake in decaff.”

When the Descendents set ended and those who attended day one of the festival left the fairground what seemed to be on everyone’s minds was speculation on how day two of Musink 2014 would unfold.

More photos of the show can be seen HERE


-Ryan R.-
Big Wheel Staff Reporter




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