Fishbone – Guttermouth – Buck-O-Nine – Scandals – at Country Saloon – Las Vegas, NV

May 27, 2011

Fishbone - Guttermouth - Buck-O-Nine - Scandals - at Country Saloon - Las Vegas, NV - May, 27, 2011With gigs going on all over town ... all all excellent bills, pretty much impossible to get to them all. Over at the Country Saloon was a lively crowd that was ready for MAX fun. On the historic Las Vegas Fremont strip The Country Saloon presented The Scandals, Buck o Nine, Guttermouth and Fishbone, kicking off the first of many belligerent nights of Punk Rock Bowling.  Walking in to the venue, the first thing one might notice is a mechanical bull; inviting potential riders eager to prove they have what it takes. One might also notice the lounge area boasting table with poles, inviting the ladies of the night to strut their stuff.

The first band to play is the Scandals. Their set is charged and they set the pace for the night, fast and loud. Once Buck o Nine takes the stage the crowd, which decided to shy away earlier, move closer to the barricade.

They have they audience eating out of the palms of their hands, bouncing along to the music. Guttermouth, who has a delightful reputation of humoring the audience by taunting certain members of the crowd, completely fulfilled all expectations. As Fishbone started the first song they changed the  tone from a fast and loud eruption of Punk  to a steady harmonious ska beat . Their grooves had the audience dancing and singing along and their crowd participation was well received and reciprocated not only by the people at the front of the stage but also by the people standing way in the back. They closed the night with a boom and a bang and gave just a peak of what we could expect from the chaotic weekend that is Punk Rock Bowling.

Reporters notes: The staff at the Country Saloon (from the door people to the bartenders to the barbacks to the security) were just phenomenal. A+ all around - professional, polite, engaging.

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-Des G.-
Big Wheel music scene reporter

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