Fat Hippy Records Battle of the Bands – at Downstairs – Aberdeen, UK

March 29, 2014

Fat Hippy Records started in October 2002, and have done over 60 releases since then and worked with literally hundreds of bands along the way.This year they decided to hold a competition with the winners getting a first prize worth more than £5000 including a few hundred hours in the recording studio, Manufacture, Pr, and distribution for 1000 of the finished EP or album.

There is also a possibility of a UK launch tour...
For this competition over 100 bands entered, that was narrowed down to around 50 we thought were worthy and then that had to be narrowed down to 32 for the first rounds in January.

So the Final came down to 4 bands
BLOODNUT – A metal/hard rock Hybrid who played there 30 minute set which down well with the crowd...

DEAR JOHN- a 3 piece band who utilise loops, abstract sounds and visuals...

RAY BOWER – A metal band with a lead singer who likes to wander into the crowd...

UTN - who it is said play songs that hark bark to the days of solid rock, they entered the stage with the lead singer in a coffin...

Each band only had 30 minutes to play as if there lives or in this case a record deal depended on it, and they all did, each with there own set of fans chanting there name, it was the hard task for the Captain Tom ( owner of Fat Hippy records) to pick a winner..
Quote from Tom After the dust had settled.

"It's been really hard having to let some quality bands go as we went through the QF's and SF's. We really would have been happy to sign all 8 of the Semi Finalists, which is why we decided to take 2 winners from the Final as the standard of bands was so high we really wanted them both.

Massive congratulations and a warm welcome to Fat Hippy for Ray Brower and Dear John - Band who both won record deals with us at last nights Fat Hippy Battle Of The Bands Final at Downstairs. Can't wait to get some of your mighty tunes released to the world! Wow! What a gig last night for the Final of the battle at Downstairs! Incredible turnout, massive thanks to everyone who came along and supported, you made it an amazing night that just goes to show how mighty the Aberdeen music scene is!

The bands all played exceptionally well and it was insanely difficult to pick a winner. Which is why we decided to have 2 winners and give record deals with Fat Hippy Records to both Ray Brower and Dear John. So mighty congratulations to both of them and welcome to the label. Pleasure to have you on board, looking forward to getting you into the studio at Captain Toms to demo some tracks.

In a very very very very close 2nd place to our 2 winners were UTN who won a very tidy £1000 merch deal with our lovely sponsors II Music. Congratulations to them and Bloodnut who came in an equally very very very close third place and picked up 3rd prize of a 19” crash cymbal from Masterwork Cymbals Scotland’s and 4th prize of a load of booze Downstairs. So everyone’s a winner!

Big thanks to everyone that watched online as well, we had more technical problems than should be allowed in one night ever but our kreopix stream team did a great job of bringing you all as much live coverage as possible. Hope you all enjoyed fine performances from our presenters Scott Ironside and Magenta Lust as much as we did.

We’ll releasing details of our plans with Ray Brower and Dear John as soon we’ve made them and getting the best bits of the live stream up on for you to watch back as soon as we can…  "

More photos of the show can be seen HERE


-Dod Morrison-
Big Wheel Overseas Reporter




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