English Beat – Aggrolites – The Revivers – at The Bunk House – Las Vegas, NV

May 27, 2012

Tucked away in the heart of downtown Las Vegas just blocks away from the Main Stage of Punk Rock Bowling The Bunk House hosted one of the weekends finest line ups sunday night. As late Punks and Skins streamed in soaked in sweat and alcohol just minutes after watching iconic bands Hepcat, Cockney Rejects and Rancid.
Spirits could not be higher. The back lot of the Bunkhouse was crawling with boots, braces and mohawks as The Revivers took the stage and engulfed the crowed with their infections traditional roots sound rich with harmony and boot stomping rhythm, Incorporating their own style and sound, it was the absolute perfect way to get the night moving and dancing.

After a quick encore from the fellas in The Revivers It was now Time for LA's own "Dirty reggae" sound of The Aggrolites to take center stage. Performing under what appeared to be a street light The Aggrolites harnessed the backyard feel an energy to deliver another top notch set. Performing fan favorites such as "Dirty Reggae" ,"Faster Bullet", "Complicated Girl" along with other choice tunes, the dance floor was shoulder to shoulder with elbows and boots skanking in unison.

One would think after the performances unleashed at the Bunk House by The Revivers and The Aggrolites you couldn't ask for much more, enter Dave Wakeling And The English Beat. Staying true to the backyard aura Dave Wakeling announced he had accidentally left the setlist in the back room which was now locked, He then announced to the delight of the crowed he was only taking request. Hit after hit, song after song the set felt as if a greatest hits album had come to life, without skipping a "Beat" (no pun intended) the boys jumped right into it "Hands off She's Mine", "Save it for later","mirror in the bathroom" and of course "Ranking Full Stomp" helped round off a perfect night of dancing and drinking.

There are only so many festivals out of the year where one can throw his/her arms around the neck of a total stranger and embrace the spirit of unity. The Revivers ,Aggrolites, English Beat and Punk Rock Bowling embody that spirit to this day.

-Gio Van Damn-
Big Wheel Staff Reporter



                     More photos of the show can be seen HERE

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