Circle Jerks – Channel 3 – Disguster – at House of Blues – Anaheim, CA

June 20, 2009

Circle Jerks imageEver since August 15th 2008, fans have been waiting patiently for the rescheduled Circle Jerks show. Tonite was finally the night when fans of all ages lined up at the House of Blues in Anaheim to see and hear some classic hardcore Punk music.
The night began with Disguster, a dynamic and spirited band from Fullerton. Their songs were catchy with energetic hooks, which resulted in the crowd moshing wildly. Disguster payed homage to one of their influences, Led Zeppelin, by covering the song "Communication Breakdown", pleasing the ears of everyone, mainly the older fans.
Disguster photo
The lead singer of Disguster, KC, proved to be one of the craziest people of the night, by dancing and standing on a red stool, singing with intensity and getting the crowd prepared for Channel 3.
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Channel 3 is a Punk band from the 80's era, consisting of Anthony Thompson, Art Silva, and Mike Magrann and Kimm Gardner, who mentioned that they have been best friends since they were in the second grade. During their set, it was evident that Channel 3 was part of the O.C. Punk scene, because of their mature lyrics and fast riffs, similar to the Adolescents and Agent Orange.
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The band played hits such as "No Love" and "I Got a Gun", fulfilling the audiences desire to hear some hard Punk melodies.
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When the curtain opened to reveal the Circle Jerks, fans roared eagerly and excitedly. When Keith Morris started singing, the rest of the band furiously began playing their instruments and the whole floor became a pit filled with sweat, blood, and love for the music.

The band played well-known songs such as "Stars and Stripes", "All Wound Up" and "Wild in the Streets". Keith Morris made numerous Disney references to movies characters like Mary Poppins and Peter Pan due to the venue being in Downtown Disney, which demonstrated his pungent and satirical sense of humor. Morris also dedicated a song to Hermosa Beach, California and the rest of the South Bay, making me and a handful of other fans from that area extremely happy.
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Near the end of the set, the Circle Jerks performed some of their most popular songs off the album "Group Sex", such as "Beverly Hills", "I Just Want Some Skank", "Deny Everything", "Back Against the Wall", and my personal favorite, "World Up My Ass". These songs and others showed off Greg Hetson's impeccable guitar skills, Zander Schloss' incredible bass talent, and the fury of drummer Kevin Fitzgerald.

The Circle Jerks then exited the stage, leaving the crowd begging for more, chanting "CIRCLE JERKS!" until the band finally emerged.  The encore was so amazing, it's almost indescribable. They performed four Black Flag songs, including "Revenge", "Gimme Gimme Gimme" and "Depression". Fans were crowd surfing and losing shoes, hats, and even shirts, feeling the power and the aggression that Keith Morris poured out. The unbelievable encore had made the crowd highly satisfied and left our ears ringing with the sublime sound of the Circle Jerks unforgettable performance. Not too bad for a show that was way overdue.
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-Sarah K.-
Big Wheel Music Scene Reporter

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