Channel 3 – Peccadilloes – at Texas Casino – Las Vegas, NV

November 6, 2009

Channel 3It's friday night, it's Las Vegas what could be better than "PUNK ROCK BINGO" And live music by 2 very cool bands? Well the bingo is hosted by Dirk Vermin and Jenn-O-Cide. The clown prince and princess of Punk Rock Bingo. Unlike last month nobody ran their head into the bingo ball machine. Never the less it was still a great session of bingo, with wise cracking host and hostess. During the first session of games they called out Kimm of Channel 3 and sang Happy Birthday to him, befitting as it was his birthday.
Punk Rawk Bingo
After the first few games of bingo were over with, local SIN CITY band PECCADILLOES hit the stage.  San-D on vocals, James on guitar and vox, James #2 on 2nd guitars and vox. Tad on Bass, and Jarrett on drums, with their hardcore music and amazing vocals they destroyed the stage at Texas Station.  Playing all my favorites and then some. They have a new c.d. coming out called "CHAOS SHOW" with songs like Buzzkill, Decay, and Tough Guys it is one incredible ensemble of hardcore tunes. Be sure to grab it when it comes out. Peccadilloes never disappoint.

So now it's time for a few more games of bingo. and of course more wise cracking jokes and mayhem from Dirk and Jenn. I think Dirk was a bit jealous that Jenn was handling more balls than him. Bingo Balls that is. Although the way Dirk smoked his cigar it could have been pure Jealousy! Jenn also calls Punk Rock Bingo at The Double Down Saloon here in Vegas, if you have a chance to go and play give it a shot, it's alot of fun.

Finally to end this night of Bingo and Hardcore Music is a band from Orange County California. Punk Rock from CHANNEL 3.

Mike on guitar and vocals, Kimm "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" on guitar, Anthony on Bass and Alf on Drums. These guys are totally old school Punk from back in the day. They proved it by getting the crowd into a Punk rock frenzy. They totally kicked ass !!!! I hope more bands from California come to Vegas, although we have an abundance of talented bands here we need the California sound to balance out the Vegas scene. What a combo Calif. and Las Vegas.   The more they drank the faster they played, and the faster they played the more the audience got into it.  While taking pictures in front of the stage I took a couple good shots to my back but kept on shooting.

The crowd was just as wild as Channel 3. It took me back to the days at The Whiskey, Starwood etc. What an Incredible night of music and Bingo. I believe a great time was had by everybody. Hopefully Channel 3 will be back.


Bob Mandoki
Big Wheel Music Scene Reporter


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