Show Preview: The Real McKenzies and A Tom Collins – at SLO Brew – San Luis Obispo, CA – September 18, 2014

September 7, 2014

If you love Celtic Punk, kilts, bagpipes, whiskey, and good beer, SLO Brew is the place to be on Thursday September 18th. The Real McKenzies are rolling through San Luis Obispo on their tour in the hopes of bringing their original Celtic/Punk/Folk sound to the central coast.

Originally this Scottish band of miscreants are from Canada but have toured the world over many times, playing with band like Flogging Molly, NOFX, Rancid, and The Misfits. The band has been around for over 20 years (since 1992), and has recorded several albums throughout their time together, and although they have been touring, and writing music for so long they are still kicking! That is, I mean to say, they’re kicking your ass, playing great music, and then having a drink with you after the show.

The band is made up of Paul McKenzie (vocals), Gord Taylor (bagpipes), Mark “The Bone” Boland (guitar), Gwomper (bass) Sean Sellers (drums), and Dirty Kurt Robertson (guitar). Their most recent album was released on Fat Wreck Chords in 2012 and named "Westwinds". I have to say that without even hearing the album, the nautical theme was intriguing .  On a recent interview with CAPITALCHAOSTV Paul McKenzie himself said that the name of this album is a “cryptic reference to the flatulence of the members in the band”. I couldn’t help but laugh when I heard this, but it also made me pick up a copy of the newest album and I have to say it is a great addition to their already impressive resume. My favorite track would have to be “The Tempest”, an instant classic, very catchy and with heavy folk influences it makes for a fun sing-a-long song. This is their seventh studio album to date. Furthermore, the band has been working and recording a new album over the past 2 years and has recently announced that they have finished it. The Real McKenzies have also been playing songs from this new unreleased album on their current tour, so make damn sure you save the date!

Along with the music they write themselves, they also play traditional Scottish songs with their own Punk twist. These songs alone make for an awesome experience for someone who has never seen The Real McKenzies live, but the band’s original songs are really what turn first time listeners into new fans.

The Real McKenzies will be accompanied by A. Tom Collins. So come on down, Thursday the 18th to SLO Brew, for what promises to be a night of merriment, drunken debauchery, and excellent music. The Real McKenzies will be playing a slew of shows on the west coast this month including Seattle, Portland and several cities across California. Check their tour calendar HERE to see which gig is closest to you!


-T. Wallace-
Big Wheel Contributor


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