Show Preview: IDLE WORSHIP The Photography of Edward Colver – Rare and never before seen images from the vaults – at Lethal Amounts – Los Angeles, CA – September 20, 2014

September 17, 2014

Do you remember being a snotty nosed kid whose only exposure to any music scene was what you were lucky to read, the pictures you were lucky to see and the tapes you were lucky enough to get your hands on? I remember seeing those pictures of Punk shows in those early 80’s fanzine’s and magazine’s thinking, “I want to be there”.

Those images were enigmatic, iconic and stood for something I wanted to be a part of. I daydreamed about those images. I imagined myself right in the middle of the crowd and right at the front of the stage, and the images that made me want that the most were by Edward Colver.

Edward Colver did more than bring publicity to these emerging Punk bands, he helped shed light on and document a whole underground scene and subcultures that hadn'’t really been available before him. He not only documented a movement, he was part of this movement. These were his friends. He didn't just photograph bands, he covered every aspect. If you ask him the names of the people in the crowd, chances are, he will tell you who most of them were. He has been immortalized in songs and interviewed in Punk documentaries. He photographed and documented a time of unripened honesty for a generation and it’s message to us. The message was loud, angry and clear.

It’s been said that he defined what it meant to be a Punk photographer. And it’s true. Some of the most memorable and iconic images you’ll see from that era are probably shot by Edward Colver. His work has and continues to make an impact on people - Punk fans or not. It’s hard not to think of Punk or post Punk music and not have an image by Edward pop in your head. Magazines, album covers, film documenting thousands of bands from 1978 forward, his body of work is unmatched and created a lasting impact. And it’s exactly what his work did and continues to do.

There’s nothing that I’'ve seen of Edward’s work that didn’'t make a lasting and powerful impact on me as a Punk fan, music fan, and photographer. And just the thought of seeing images shot by Edward never seen before gives me that same feeling as I did the first time I saw a picture shot by him.

This Saturday, September 20th, Lethal Amounts in DTLA presents "“Idle Worship – The Photography of Edward Colver - Rare and Never Before Seen Images from The Vaults"”. We are all going to get the opportunity to see images never before seen of riots and bands including The Germs, Black Flag, Dead Kennedys, Christian Death, The Cramps, Circle Jerks, Youth Bridage, The Mentors, Lydia Lunch, Fear, Nick Cave, Siouxsie and the Banshees, PIL, Motorhead, The Brat, Devo, 45 grave, Minor Threat, Diamanda Galas, Bad Religion, Stiv Bators, TSOL, Adolsescents, Suicidal Tendencies, Boyd Rice, SPK, Aggression, DOA, Wasted Youth, MDC, The Damned, Tony Alva, Bones Brigade plus a lot more PUNK AS FUCK shit! It's been rumored that he has so much unseen work, that he may even do a second show sometime in the near future.

This event is expected to be completely packed so make sure to get there early!!!

-Heideather O.-
Big Wheel Contributor


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