White Flag Down – Never Surrender EP

March 24, 2013

Los Angeles' own White Flag Down describes themselves as "Rock and Roll done wrong mixed with everything else done right". It's probably easier to argue that this is purely street Rock and Roll done absolutely right.

"Never Surrender" is a six song EP released by the band in 2012. The sound has a strong Oi flavor, heavily infused with Punky Rock and Roll, and the whole thing is a damn fun listen. "Burn It Down" kicks off the album with a military style "fuck you" from the working class, and "Long Day" immediately follows with a raucous ode to booze, women, and getting away from it all. The record stomps on through to "Watch Yourself", another two finger warning to anyone thinking of messing with the band's beer flow. Over all, the only thing I can't recommend this album for is driving. Less than two songs in, I looked down and noticed I was doing an easy 95 mph, and I just don't make enough to cover that speeding ticket. 


Grab yourself a copy of the album HERE


-Jo Problems-
Big Wheel Staff Reporter


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