Victory – Laced Up EP

February 23, 2013

How do you know when a band is going to be big? Sometimes you're captivated by their live energy the first time you see them open for someone. But sometimes it's a simple as a single teaser posted to YouTube by the label.


Enter Victory. Gutsy, furious street punk from St Paul. Featuring members of Pist & Broke and Virgin Whores, among others, their debut EP went up for presale last night. And sold out in about an hour and a half. 

Re-read that. Ninety minutes to sell 300 records, with orders even being phoned in from people currently at the Cockney Rejects show. This band is going to be huge.

Why? A single listen through the 4 song EP answers that question pretty definitively. The songs are furious, well sharpened street punk. There's no unnecessary breakdowns, no noodly fretwankery, only the justified anger that has carried real Oi music through the decades without slowing down. 

Though only four songs, the album covers the usual skinhead pride anthems, as well as a tribute to the fallen service men and women in Afghanistan where front man Dan served, and commentary on the crumbling state of the American economy.

If you'd like a copy of your own, better keep an eye on either Oi! The Boat who pressed the record, or the band's page for info on a second pressing, or the few shops who managed to get a few copies of this highly desirable record. 




Oi The Boat is HERE  (scroll down for preview video on this release)

You can follow Victory HERE


-Jo Problems-
Big Wheel Staff Reporter


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