The Young Idea – War Paint 7″

November 7, 2012

The Young Idea - War Paint 7"The Young Idea are a Bay area band featuring members of Whiskey Rebels, Tried and True, Hub City Stompers, Stagger and Fall and Mental Disaster. They're sound can be described as Street Ska. It's Ska Punk but not your usual ska because the sound of street Punk runs through their songs and while they're tunes are catchy they are not over-ally catchy or too poppy. They're just awesome.

I couldn't wait to have their record in my collection and I bought it as soon as it came out from, for anyone who hasn't heard of that site it's really good for any Punk, Oi, and street Punk and for sure worth checking out.

As soon as I pulled the 7” out of the packaging I noticed the cool cover art, it has a really nice design of a gypsy style woman with banana styled art neatly placed around her with roses and the band's logo. This record also comes with a download card which is great for any iPhone heads like me and and a lyric sheet too. I was stoked to put it on.

As the record spun I instantly heard that nice Ska influence that I mentioned and I really like the singers voice, his words are easy to hear and sang in catchy upbeat way that I really enjoy.

There are four songs on this record and they're all really super good and nicely placed, the first song “Citadel” is a good blend of fast and slow and blends right into the next track “Wretch like Me” a faster number with a super good chorus and a great bass sound that rings through the entire song.

The other two songs are rad too and have a nice surfer Punk kind of sound too them. This is definitely worth checking out and I can't wait to hear what the boys come up with next.



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-Brian McCann Jr.
Big Wheel Contributor


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