The Scarred – At Half Mast

July 30, 2009

The Scarred recordThe name "The Scarred" seems to fit this band very appropriately. Through their lyrics, you can tell the members has been through hell and back, capturing an audience with their energetic and powerful sound. "The Scarred" consists of Isha Rose, who rocks on the drums, Justin Willits, who does guitar and vox, and "Monkey" Hatcher, who plays bass.
One of the first things I noticed about "The Scarred" that left an impact on me was their devotion to connecting with their fans, shown in songs such as "Medicate Me" (which demonstrates a true punk ideology) and "Mr. Hollywood". Upon listening to this band, I found myself tapping my foot and bobbing my head. "The Scarred" shares a resemblance to other punk bands like Time Again and the Bouncing Souls, with a distinguished twist. However, one of my favorite songs on "At Half Mast", "Lowlife", separated itself with fast, compelling instrumentals and edgy vocals, showing the variation of "The Scarred"'s talent.
Overall, "The Scarred"'s third album "At Half Mast" consists of dynamic, catchy tunes that gives me the feeling that at their shows, everyone is smiling, arm-in-arm in the pit singing along to the lyrics. "The Scarred" is a band that seems to care about their fans by presenting it through their music, as well as caring for other musicians, by dedicating "At Half Mast" to late Nekromantix drummer Andy Martinez. In their album thanks, Justin and the rest leave us with these words: "Keep believing, keep hoping, keep looking for truth, and keep the dream alive."

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-Sarah K.-
Music scene reporter
Big Wheel Online Magazine