The Outfits – Tryin’ on The Outfits

December 2, 2012've been in a funk lately. All the new stuff I've heard has been ok, but not great. I was starting to worry that I was turning into a hipster, that I'd have to trade my boots in for some ironic something fucking stupid, and start going to ugly sweater parties. Luckily, instead, we went down to the local matinee Punk show today and caught Portland, Maine's The Outfits, and now I'm back to my old self. 


This band is everything that was great about Pop Punk, back when that meant The Queers instead of Blink 182, even though they've only been around about a year or so. The songs are catchy, fast, and funny, hitting that disturbingly raunchy note where you can't help but laugh.

 "What's That Smell?" tackles the ever important question in punk rock; "it smells like old man farts/ and kindergarten barf/ it isn't dog poo/ I know it's not my smelly shoes./ What's that smell?" "On the Rag" is your theme song for shitty days. When singer Sierra Roberts sneers

all my farts smell like eggs 
just stepped in cat puke 
and now I'm feeling really cute 
hungover even though I didn't drink 
tried to brush my teeth and barfed in the sink 
everything is goin wrong today 

it might not make you feel better, but at least you know someone's as bad off as you.

Overall, this album is damn fun to listen to, and any fans of The Queers, The Dwarves, The Eyeliners, and The Runaways should treat themselves to an early holiday and grab a copy. 

You can check it out for yourself HERE



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-Jo Problems-
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