The Insurgence – Self Titled

November 27, 2011

The Insurgence - Self TitledAfter more than 20 years, does hardcore really have anything left to say? Seattle Washington's The Insurgence think so, and their new self-titled album seems to suggest they're able to back that up.

At first listen, the immediate impression is of good musicians playing loud, aggressive hardcore. A second listen shows what sets this band apart. The Insurgence have a refreshing lyrical depth, tackling not only standard hardcore fare of corrupt politicians, and life on the streets, but also looking further afield to international issues like oft-ignored conflict in Darfur. The band doesn't shy away from religion either, confronting honor killings in their range of subjects.

The album is a tight 14 tracks, and any fan of hardcore will probably be happier with this in their collection. It's worth buying the physical CD from Digital Warfare Records, rather than going the new media Mp3 route, because the CD comes with digital liner notes, including full lyrics sheets, and a bonus music video for an extra song, "K Street Killers".

Check out the band's website (with streaming tracks) here:

or visit Digital Warfare here:

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-Jo Problems-
Big Wheel Staff Reporter


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