The Adicts – All the Young Droogs

September 7, 2012

The Adicts - All the Young DroogsThe tenth studio album from Punk rock legends The Adicts is due for release September 11. This isn't news to many of you, as the band has been promoting the project and allowing pre-orders on for the last few months, and the excitement and anticipation surrounding this release has been high.

The Adicts are without a doubt one of the most popular Punk bands in the world, celebrating their 35th anniversary this year, having logged more tour miles than most minds can comprehend, and deposited untold cubic feet of glitter on smiling, adoring fans. "All the Young Droogs" is the next chapter in the story of these well-loved merry pranksters, and one which will appeal to fans old and new.

The carnival-esque sound of The Adicts of old is definitely present on this album, with bouncy sing-along tracks, and swirling punky circus-tinged music, but this isn't a carbon copy of "Songs of Praise". Instead, following "Life Goes On", The Adicts continue to mature as a band, and the album explores some new musical themes instead of simply rehashing old tropes. The end result is unmistakably The Adicts, but distinct from the frantic un-tamed energy of the first albums. Songs like "My Old Friend" call up memories of bittersweet reunions, and those we miss as the years slip by, and "To Us Tonight" embodies all the hope an optimism that has come to be associated with the band, though it also sounds worryingly like a good bye, and we all hope that isn't true.

Ultimately, this is an album that will worm its way into your heart, and you'll find yourself whistling the melodies unthinkingly as you do the dishes or go about your day, even if it doesn't instantly electrify you the way hearing "Viva la Revolution" did that very first time. Would we expect anything else? This is a fitting way to mark 35 years of setting the Punk world alight, and is sure to be well received.

Fans can still claim amazing awards and pre-order the album here: and be sure to keep an eye on tour dates and other official updates here: or on Facebook at:

All The Young Droogs track list:
1. Battlefield W1
2. Wild
3. Stomper
4. My Old Friend
5. Stop The World (I Wanna Get Off)
6. Give It To Me Baby
7. Rage Is The Rage
8. All The Young Droogs
9. To Us Tonight
10. Catch My Heart
11. Horrorshow
12. Love Lies Bleeding

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