Symbol Six – Monsters 11

November 1, 2010

Symbol Six - Monsters 11 reviewThere are bands that have their “day”, fade away and are never to be heard from again. Then there are some bands that find a way to regroup with questionable old timey members and try to rehash some sort of spirit or sound that they clearly lost a decade or more ago. Thankfully for the force known as Symbol Six they can boast not falling into the aforementioned categories.

Symbol Six’s’ “Monsters 11” record showcases old schoolers playing dangerous Punk rock with attitude that’d you’d expect from LA Punk veterans, but also a sense of maturity in writing and sound that can only come with having been around since the hey day of the first wave of LA hardcore. Having been featured on Rodney on the Roq’s program back in 1981, Symbol Six have cred nearly 30 years in the making. This new record does nothing to diminish the cred or integrity of this band.

This album rocks you from opening track “Napalm Love” all the way till album closer “Long Way Home”, where themes of self empowerment and ill fated death are present. Though instead of non stop break neck paced blasts on every track there are well crafted verses and choruses that usually only come from writers who have been around the block a few times musically.

Vocalist Eric Leachs’ powerful presence is felt throughout all of the album often sounding youthful yet mature, in a way that’s raspy and almost southern like, reminiscent of the Dogs D’Amour. Guitarist Tazz Rudd’s leads are well fitted for the vocal stylings of Eric’s and often compliment the gritty melodies provided throughout each track. The two seem perfect together as the songs take off whenever there are leads following Eric’s barking vocals.

It’s a shame Symbol Six hadn’t stayed together through the years, for they could have been a really great band up there headlining with the likes of Social Distortion or Bad Religion. “Monsters 11” though is a sure sign of a band that never lost passion for a music style that was deemed unfashionable by the mid to late 80’s. In the year 2010 its more than just alive, it’s once again relevant. Pick this up if you’re into hearing a modern twist on a vintage LA sound, you will be pleased.

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-Louie Bones-
Big Wheel Music Scene Reporter


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