Strong Killings – Self Titled

July 24, 2011

Strong Killings - Self TitledSeattle band Strong Killings know how to get the party started, punk rock style. Their self titled, debut album will be released July 15th, and is totally worth getting a copy. The CD is infused with catchy riffs, driving drums, and sing along punk anthems. Simply put, it is just plain awesome from start to finish. Strong Killings consists of three dudes who seriously rock, without taking themselves too seriously.The lyrics are witty, sarcastic, and all about having a good time. Guitarist Nate even throws in some yodeling and opera for good measure. The songs are upbeat, easy to dance too, and just plain fun. And despite their humorous demeanor, these dudes are solid, tight, and masters of their instruments. Drummer Mike is a hard hitting wild man, and his crazy beats and odd fills bring a hardcore touch to their punk rock sound.Strong Killings started as a side project for Nate and Mike, who were both busy playing in the Seattle pop punk band, Lashes. When not busy working on Lashes, they would hook up with bassist Carlos to create music that was free spirited and hard rocking.  Strong Killings then evolved into a full time band, and they have been busy touring and promoting the new CD. They recently played three shows in Los Angeles, and everyone who saw them live had a great time.  It’s hard to keep your toes from tapping when these guys do their thing. Strong killings are fun and catchy enough to reach a wide audence, yet old school enough to impress the Punk rock elite.  They are technical and talented, and their new CD is sure to find its way into many great Punk rock collections.

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-Mindiana Jones-
Big Wheel Contributor


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