Marching Orders – Living Proof

February 2, 2013

Marching Orders - Living ProofThe true measure of an album, the only one that really matters, is how much it makes you want to throw your arms in the air and sing along. By this measure, Marching Orders' new album, "Living Proof" is going to be the one to beat this year (though there will be stiff competition with promised releases from Off With Their Heads and Street Dogs later this year).


This is the follow up full-length release from the Australian band after 2011's "Days Gone By", and "Living Proof" continues to develop the band's strengths. "Living Proof delivers eleven tracks of anger, pride, and biting commentary. While their street punk roots are still showing strong, Marching Orders also has a level of complexity that makes the songs sound truly new, rather than just another re-hash of old Oi! favorites. Driving bass lines keep a level of familiarity, though, and are sure to draw your fists straight up in the air. 

Over all, this is a surprisingly mature album for a band with such a limited catalog, but it's safe to say it will be a must for anyone who likes to play it loud. To sweeten the pot, Pirates Press is offering a variety of colours, including tricolor with black splatter, and beer. 


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-Jo Problems-
Big Wheel Staff Reporter


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