Live Fast Die Fast – The End of What We Know

March 8, 2013

We all need a little hardcore sometimes. Other times we need a lot of hardcore. Not metal-core, not emo-core, or any of the other painful spinoff nonsense that's come up in recent years. Sometimes you just want something to throw a fist up to, and a heavy breakdown. 

It can be hard to find something that hasn't swung into parody, when 15 year old yuppie kids buy bandannas at Target and go on about the "true meaning of hardcore", producing songs so overloaded with cliche that they're utterly un-listenable. Enter Live Fast Die Fast to save the day.

Live Fast Die Fast are a band from Long Island, and sure, they hit some of the standard themes of unity, remembering your roots, and so on, but their songs are hard-hitting, true to the style that brought NYHC to the forefront all those years ago. Which is probably why they'll be supporting Stigma on a run of dates for his new CD release.

"The End of What We Know" is a high energy, and hard-hitting album that manages to stay grounded enough not to make you feel like it's slipping into some sort of nostalgia commercial, but solid enough to appeal to hardcore snobs of all ages. Fans of old Agnostic Front, and Sick of it All will love this album, and you can stream it from the band's bandcamp here: (just remember that "supporting the scene" does mean eventually buying an album or two to feed your bands).



-Jo Problems-

Big Wheel Staff Reporter


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