Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine – White People & the Damage Done

March 30, 2013

Photography is my thing, not reviewing albums, but when I listened to the new Jello Biafra & the Guantanamo School of Medicine -   “ White People and the Damage Done” the much anticipated 2nd album out on the 2nd of April.


The 1st one was in 2009 and with only an Ep in between to keeps us going. I thought would try and say some words. A mixture of Dead Kennedy’s and San Francisco Punk style, all topics is voiced from homelessness to Wall Street.

“Brown Lipstick Parade” is the 1st song on the album - Who else could start an album off with the lyrics “we are the Illumni Nazis” With his very recognizable voice and music intermixed with spoken word, greed corruption, bigotry and war are all covered here in this song.

“John Dillinger” was made public enemy no.1 but this song says there is more public enemies than this and that we make some people scarier than they need to be to take our minds of the real scary people, politicians, and corporate companies.

“Werewolves of Wall Street” is about the greed of people who seem to have enough money and want more.

“Road Rage” is a really fast paced song about hating everything.

“Mid East Process”  is about the on going conflict in Palestine- Israel.

“Burgers of Wrath” is a revamped version of the original which was done in 1994 with Mojo Nixon and I have seen quoted by Jello that this is his best song he has ever written on unemployment and homelessness.

“Shock–u Py” – homage to all the recent occupies campaigns that have taken place. People have a right to be heard and will never go away.

These are my interpretations of these songs. The rest of the album is great too and there are bonus mixes of 4 of the songs. All in all a great album for old and new Jello fans, and I cant wait to see him live at Rebellion punk festival 2013.



-Dod Morrison-
Big Wheel Overseas Correspondent


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