Dogsflesh – Vision of Hell

February 15, 2009

Dogsflesh Vision of Hell record imageUpon taking out the CD to play, the words, "PLAY VERY LOUD" in red are not hard to miss, and I did just that and set the speaker to the loudest setting. Needless to say, I got complaints from my neighbors about the music, including a very angry sibling who had been woken up by the noise. Success! Not only was the music effective in causing a disturbance around me upon being played loudly, but it also was effective in making a good impression on this reviewer. Whatever happened to the kind of Punk bands like G.B.H, A Global Threat, and The Exploited brought to the table? Well if you're looking for it, Dogsflesh has it, and their album "Vision of Hell" is an energetic ode to UK 82/Street Punk.

The album art screams absolute Street Punk, from the bright colors to the pictures featuring Street Punks with mohawks, chaos and destruction, and politics. The lyrical content is also full of the makings of Street Punk, from songs about perverts, violence, all leading to the band's anthem "Dogsflesh", which most every Punk band always provides in their own albums. Though many of us have long forgotten about UK 82/Street Punk, this album is a full nostalgic reminder of the Street Punk phase that we've all passed through during certain times of our lives. It's a fun reminder and the album almost makes you want to re-live it all over again. If you've been missing that part of the Punk family, Dogsflesh's "Vision Of Hell" is good listening, out on Unrepentant Records.



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-Stephanie M.-
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