Dead Ending – DE II

April 13, 2013

Dead Ending - DE II The new 5 song EP I just played on my turntable is one of the raddest new records to be released on the bay areas own Alternative Tentacles label. That EP in particular would be by Dead Ending, a modern day Punk super group featuring members of Rise Against, Alkaline Trio, Articles of Faith and The Bomb.

This record is hard, much harder than the bands full time bands and a good indication that these guys are not fucking around when they get together to jam. Well maybe they are and this is the kind of material they come up with when they just let loose and go for it, there probably isn’t a concern with sales or marketing to radio stations or a hot topic based audience so why not go full throttle right?


I think that’s what these guys decided to do here and with that came a 5 song ep that rips your heart out and feeds it to a pack of rabid dogs. Lets hope these guys continue to spend time on this project, its perfectly suited for a club show, a show that you would definitely want to be at.


-Louie Bones-
Big Wheel Staff Reporter


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