Avenue Rockers – Damaged and Dangerous

March 24, 2013

So here we are almost a year removed from the last Punk Rock Bowling, and one of the memories that stood out in my mind from the weekend was attending a pool party in which DJ Lawless could not make after coming down with a serious flu virus days before.

Although at the time this information was not available so the people in attendance aimlessly stood around waiting several hours with no music and the sun beating down, then two men rose to the occasion one being David Luna. Now, with Punk Rock Bowling 2013 bearing down on us I am once again introduced to David although this time through the debut album of his band Avenue Rockers. The album “Damaged & Dangerous” is 13 tracks of seamless transitioning through punk and ska provoking memories of rancid also with a great track like “A Bar A Brawl & A Brothel” conjuring up visions of Sam The Sham & The Pharos except with leathers and studs.  With tracks about Dead Centerfolds, a 58’ Plymouth, Punk idols and hookers, this album covers just about every base I can think of. Mixed in with aggressive Punk hooks on tracks like “’77 Girls” and “45 Chinese Red” this album keeps you enthralled from begining to end. Any fans of Rancid should definetly check out Avenue Rockers.

-Gio Van Damn-
Big Wheel Staff Reporter


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