Steve Jobs was the rebel with a cause – RIP 1955-2011

October 6, 2011

Steve Jobs
The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world… are the ones who do

Steve Jobs was certainly way ahead of the times, going way way back. As technology develops at the pace it does, sometimes what can be thought up and created in the mind’s eye, is just not possible to become reality when an idea is birthed. However it is the focus on the vision that can help shape the future, no matter how far away the future may be. Then there is the aspect of if the public is ready to embrace something so new that breaks away from the conventional thinking of the moment. Steve Jobs along with his development team helped push the envelope which in turned helped push others in the technology arena regardless of if it was Windows based or not. No matter what brand you speak of, it is that competitive challenge that creates innovation in the devices that we all use everyday as we go about our lives.

There are gonna be those around that will question why all the fuss over this guy’s passing to which the answer can easily be found in the life of the questioner. A person who has virtually no achievements to speak of in their own life will always give themselves away when they would question “why all the fuss”. Luckily there are a majority of people who have an appreciation for Steve and his contributions to the culture no matter what computer they own, what phone they have in their pocket or the device they use to listen to music. He is a symbol of how anyone can come from humble beginnings and create an impact on the world around them.

The world we live in will never be the same with regards to how we communicate, the way we work with technology to create and how we enjoy our music on various devices. So with the passing of Steve, sure it is sad that a talent like this has to exit, stop for moment and realize that his life’s work is truly something to be celebrated.

Thank you Steve Jobs, your fingerprints will be felt for many generations to come which is the best form of everlasting life.

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Steve Jobs - RIP - 1955-2011



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