2012 Punk Rock Bowling Tournament Finals video and interview with the winners – Sam’s Town – Las Vegas, NV

May 27, 2012

2012 Punk Rock Bowling Finals and interview with the winners - Sam's Town - May 27, 2012This years action in the final rounds was back and fourth with high drama. Teams that had momentum early only to see it fade with their opponents coming back strong to then see the team that as seemingly fading toward loosing come back leaving everyone wondering what just happened. Many felt that this years competition was very strong overall with some very passive bowlers being victorious over seasoned vets of Punk Rock Bowling. Of course with the handicap the Punk Rock Bowling Committee put in place to create a level playing field , anything is possible and surprises do happen. Even if you were not bowling in the finals, teams that were beat stayed to cheer on the teams that beat them as a show of solidarity in the Punk Rock community... and that is what it is all about. Enjoy the video that will give you a feel of the final frames of the tournament with Tina's Nightmare and Hookers and Blow battle it out frame for frame, along with an interview with the 2012 Punk Rock Bowling Champions.

   Video of bowling finals and interview with the winners

2012 Punk Rock Bowling Champions
Hookers & Blow - $3200
2nd Place
Tina's Nightmare - $2400                   
3rd Place
Modern Action Squad - $1600
4th Place
Los Angelaskans - $1400
5th Place
Cereal Bowlers - $800
6th Place
CD Repo Man - $700
7th Place
Bowling Youth - $600
8th Place
Team Ninja - $500
9th Place
Pin'dejos - $400
10th Place
SFP Bowl - $300
11th Place
SPUN Skateboards - $300
12th Place
Occupy Bowl Street - $300
13th Place
Ill Repute - $250
14th Place
The Lovely Ones - $250
15th Place
Enlightening Strikes - $200
16th Place
Hell's Kitchen - $200
17th Place
Sofa Kings - $150
18th Place
Northeast Records - $100
19th Place
So Long and Thanks - $100
20th Place
No Ma'ams - $100

High Team Score - The Bodies - $400
High Women Score - Jennie O'Donnell - $150
High Men Score - Andre Duguay - $150

Congrats to all the teams that participated in the greatest bowling tournament EVER!


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