Vice Squad – Lower Class Brats – Narcoleptic Youth – All Or Nothing H.C – Urban Decay – at The Glasshouse

June 19, 2009

Vice Squad and Lower Class Brats 2009 TourAs I made that right turn down Second Street, I thought to myself, “where the fuck is this venue?”. Driving one block down, I knew I had found it. This was the first time going down to the GlassHouse in Pomona. As always, everyone waited across the street, on the sides of the venue and wandered around looking for the nearest Liquor Store. The place looked plain and simple from the outside but the inside was a different story. There is a balcony that overlooks the massive floor space and Stage.

There’s a snack bar in the back that serves all kinds of munchies and drinks. But the most impressive thing about this venue is their sound system. It’s ear bleeding loud with a nice clear sound.
Urban Decay
The night started off with a Urban Decay (7:45p.m.–8:10p.m.). This underground Punk band comes straight out from the San Gabriel Valley. They’re a Hardcore, Fast paced, Punk rock band that will make any one run into the pit and push anyone who stands in their way.  After seeing them many times at back yard gigs and at venues, their sound never gets old, never gets slow. Too bad they had to play early cause I know a bigger crowd would’ve fucked shit up in the pit. I recommend for all punks to see Urban Decay. They’re also about to go tour in china so go to any of their benefit gigs and pitch in any penny you have to help them out.
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All Or Nothing H.C.
Second on the line up was All Or Nothing H.C (8:25 p.m.-8:50p.m.). This female Fronted hardcore band from southern California brought forth an energetic set that made the growing crowd go wild. Renae, the vocalist, jumped down and over the barricade and became one with the crowd. She pushed, she punched, she pissed off, sang and pitted with the fans. Now, that’s how you put on a great show and get a great response from the crowd.
Narcoleptic Youth Photo
Narcoleptic Youth was the next (9:05p.m.-9:35p.m.).  From over hearing several conversations outside and inside the venue, I knew the crowd was anxious to see them. By this time the crowd had grown enormously like some kind of colonial organism, which in effect, made the pit larger and more insane for every single song on their set. Most notable songs that night were the ever-famous “religious wars” and “classified” as well as many others. At the end of their set, the crowd looked sweaty and tired but don’t let that fool you for they were ready for the last final two acts of the night.
Lower Class Brats Photo
The last two bands of the night, Lower Class Brats (9:50p.m.-10:35p.m.) and Vice Squad (10:50p.m.-11:50p.m), were up next. The crowd had shifted their bruised, battered, and sweaty bodies to the front.  It was really tough trying to walk through the crowd on the main floor for everyone was packed against each other like sardines in a can.
Lower Class Brats Photo
Lower Class Brats finally came out and played a great fucking set. Bones sang his lungs out, Marty shredded the guitar, Johnny-O played and fingered his bass with ease, and Joey the Kid banged the Drums fast and hard. The crowd sang every word and line of all their songs in unison as if they were part of a Sunday church choir.  Some crowd favorites played that night included, “Bite The Bullet”, “Do It Again”, “Just Like Clockwork” , “New Seditionaries”, “ I’m A Mess” and countless others. Because they were out of time, the clockwork droogs were unable to play an encore that everyone chanted for. It was a bummer to every fan but it was also understandable.
Vice Squad Photo
Finally, Vice Squad came on stage. First thoughts to pop into my head as Beki Bondage walked out on stage was the fact that she still looked hot and that she had not aged whatsoever.  Vice Squad made the crowd get really rowdy with songs such as “Sniffing Glue”, “Latex Love”, “Rock ‘n Roll Massacre”, and especially “Last Rockers”. It was pure chaos. Fans threw themselves and hurdled over security to get on stage to sing with Becki.

The pit transformed into a massive whirlpool sucking in those who stood on the sides, and many others crowd surfed the waves of shifting bodies near the front.  It was a night no one will ever forget for the crowd and the bands.
Vice Squad Photo
If you missed this show then you will have another chance to go see Lower Class Brats and Vice Squad at the Key Club in Hollywood on Saturday July 11th, 2009. Go have Fun!

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-Rob Nuisance-
Big Wheel Music Scene Reporter

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