No For An Answer

March 14, 2009

No For An AnswerAsk most people in the know to name a few Orange County hardcore bands from the late 80's and it could almost be guaranteed that they would mention No For An Answer. Along with Insted, Uniform Choice, and Doggy Style, No For An Answer helped the Orange County straight edge scene form its own identity. While Uniform Choice were known for being outspoken in their views many would surely argue that NFAA vocalist Dan O'Mahoney may have outdone Pat Dubar in this department at times.

On Sunday, March 22, No For An Answer will be playing a reunion show at Chain Reaction in Anaheim, California with A Chorus Of Disapproval, Headfirst, Blackspot, and Ice. According to O'Mahoney, the band will be playing with the lineup from their classic, "You Laugh" E.P.. This record, which was produced by Ron Martinez of Final Conflict, is often referred to as the quintessential NFAA recording. It featured the band's anthem, "Just Say No," along with other memorable hardcore blitzkriegs like "You Laugh," "Without A Reason," and "When Will It End," a song which condemned gang violence which plagued Orange County's punk scene in the late 1980's.

After recording their "A Thought Crusade" L.P., No For An Answer broke up in the early 1990's. Dan O'Mahoney also played in Carry Nation with NFAA guitarist, Gavin Ogeldsby (O'Mahoney told us that there will be some "Carry Nation cameos" at Sunday's show). Later O'Mahoney would go on to sing for 411 and Speak 714 and write books, such as Four Letter Word and Three Legged Race, in which he reflected on his departure from the straight edge lifestyle and subculture. Ogeldsby, who was also famous for his album artwork for bands like MIA, Uniform Choice, and Half Off, later played guitar for Trigger Man and Killing Flame. Other members of the band at various times played in bands such as Inside Out, Unity, Justice League, and Ignite.

No For An Answer Tour FlyerO'Mahoney said that at the moment the reunion show is planned to be a "One of with no financial motivations" (all proceeds go to the fight against cancer), but in terms of other NFAA shows in the future he stated "I'm learning never to say never about the future." The idea for the reunion came about after a celebration for the release of the Radio Silence book in L.A. where Mr. O'Mahoney was part of a panel and was bombarded with questions about No For An Answer.

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