Bad Antics

December 31, 2008

Bad Antics photoSince 2005 Bad Antics have been writing songs dealing with the skating, day to day struggles, and people they don’t like. But now as the band approaches their fourth anniversary they are about to release a new record showcasing the sound that makes them distinctively Bad Antics.

We've been following Bad Antics ever since we first saw them play at the Alley Club in Fullerton,CA back in 2005. This was way back when they were a 5 piece band with Jenn Agnew on drums. They have always been a fun, energetic band, sometimes refered to as  "skate punk", which is funny because they really don't have many songs about skating. Oh well.
Bobot Adrenaline photo
Give these guys a listen if you're into fast, melodic punk bands like Agression.

Lyrically Bad Antics are a strong band touching on subjects like individuality such as in the song "Get in where you fit in" which talks about how one should hang out with like minded people, rather than changing your self to fit a mold of what other people want you to be. They also touch lightly on politics, without getting preachy and annoying.








Just in time for 2009!  Bad Antics have just released a 7 song E.P. titled "The Wave" out on Flat Black Records

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