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August 3, 2010

Interview with Donna Santisi about her new re-released book Ask The AngelsInterview by: Bob M

Big Wheel Music Scene Reporter

Buy Xalatan no prescription, I'm talking today with a very inflential and Iconic photographer Donna Santisi. She was one of the very few and lucky photographers who were able to capture the new Punk Rock craze and scene in Los Angeles. On any given night Donna would be at The Whisky A Go Go, The Starwood, or any number of clubs with camera in hand to capture on film what would soon be  the hardcore Punk scene, acheter en ligne Xalatan, acheter Xalatan bon marché. I don't think anybody was ready for this Explosion/Type of music  especially The parents of the newly found punk rockers that their children turned out to be.

When did you first get interested in photography. and at what point did it become a passion?

I first became interested in photography in college. Janis Joplin was raw energy in concert, buy Xalatan no prescription. I decided I wanted to capture that.  When Janis died, I wasn't really inspired anymore.  Photography became a passion in 1975 when I heard Patti Smith's "Horses", 5mg, 50mg, 75mg, 100mg. It was a mind-blowing revelation.  I saw Patti in    concert, bought a ticket for the following night, grabbed my camera, Boston, Massachusetts. Charlotte, Carolina, and didn't put it down for 5 years. There was an incredible scene emerging and I wanted to document it.

Donna Santisi new book Ask The Angels

So Donna when did you first start taking photographs, buy Xalatan no prescription. And who were some of the first musicians you photographed?
Buy Xalatan no prescription, The first musicians that I photographed were the Shangri-Las and the Young Rascals. I only had an instamatic but I did manage to meet the bands and photograph them backstage and live. In 1969, when I saw Janis Joplin, New York. Los Angeles, California, I realized I needed a real camera.

When did you become involved in the L.A. punk scene. There is a big difference between the musicians you first photographed and the new style of music that was coming out in the late 70's early 80's?

I was there at the beginning, Chicago, Illinois. Houston, Texas. There was a group of us that would meet at the Capitol Records swap-meet and hang out at the Whisky.  It became this community of like-minded people, buy Xalatan no prescription. All these great bands started emerging.

Was photography your first passion or was it the music?

Music was my first passion.

Ask the Angels by Donna Santisi

You have photographed bands from L.A. New York, England, etc, purchase Xalatan online no prescription. Who were some of your favorite bands to shoot, lets say your favorite L.A. band, Austin, Texas, Memphis, Tennessee, favorite N.Y. Buy Xalatan no prescription, band, favorite English Band?

Favorite bands to photograph:  In LA, the Runaways, the Heaters, and the Screamers were all high energy. I am leaving out so many bands - I loved photographing them all. From NY, Blondie, the Ramones, online buy Xalatan without a prescription, and Patti Smith Group. England, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Buy Xalatan without prescription, the Pretenders, Penetration, and the Jam. And one of my favorites, a good friend from Ohio, where can i order Xalatan without prescription, Stiv Bators of the Dead Boys.

Do you have a favorite show that really stands out that you could tell us about?  Also this is a hard question as you have been to so many shows what was your favorite show of all time that you went to see?

My favorite show was Patti Smith and her band at the Roxy in 1976. It was a concert and poetry reading, buy Xalatan no prescription. San Diego, California. Dallas, Texas. San Antonio, Texas, Patti was joined onstage by Allen Lanier (Blue Oyster Cult) who played piano, James Williamson (the Stooges) and Buddy Miles. It was a religious experience.

I know this would be a long list but who were some of the bands you photographed?

Ramones, order Xalatan online overnight delivery no prescription, Blondie, Slits, Plasmatics, Buy Xalatan online cod, Television, Dead Boys, Damned, Screamers, Weirdos, Jacksonville, Florida, Columbus, Ohio, Avengers, Cramps, Dickies, Purchase Xalatan online, X, Runaways, Go Go's, Penetration, Sex Pistols, buy cheap Xalatan no rx, Dils, Alleycats...

X photo by Donna Santisi

Your portfolio is so huge that you published a book back in the day called "ASK THE ANGELS" It is full of candid and live photos of every band imagineable from back during that time. Blondie, the Ramones The Runaways and the list goes on forever. What was your inspiration to publish that book?

Ask the Angels was published by my friend Marcy Blaustein. Buy Xalatan no prescription, She thought it would be an interesting project. I saw it as a way to document what was happening in the LA scene, buy Xalatan no prescription. It was important for people to know about these incredible bands and the impact they were having.

I understand Patti Smith LOVED one of your photos so much she wanted it in the Rock N' Roll hall of fame. Online buy Xalatan without a prescription, That has to be a great honor. How did that come about?

I was at the Tropicana Motel with Patti and her band. Patti came out of her room with a violin, buy Xalatan no prescription. I just captured that moment. I mailed the photo to Patti and, later, 125mg, 150mg, 200mg, 250mg, she asked if it was okay to give it to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Ohio. I was honored.

You have also shot some album covers. Buy Xalatan no prescription, Which bands have you done that for. And what other credits do you have for yourself other than record covers, published photos around the world all the way from Japan and all points beyond?

I did Psychedelic Jungle for the Cramps. Also, comprar en línea Xalatan, comprar Xalatan baratos, the inner sleeve for the Pretenders and Heaters. In the 70's, I worked with "Hitkrant" in Holland, Xalatan over the counter, "Music Life" in Japan and "NME', "Sounds", and "Melody Maker" in England. I also have photos in various books, Rhino Records compilations, where can i buy cheapest Xalatan online, and MTV and VH1 shows.

Original of Ask The Angels I understand you have re-issued your book, Buy Xalatan online no prescription, with a lot more photos that were in the original "Ask The Angels" Why at this time did you decide to re-issue it. I know i have seen the original on ebay for as much as $300.00.

I wanted to re-issue it in 2008 (the 30th anniversary).  It just took longer than I thought, buy Xalatan no prescription. There were so many iconic figures that I had photographed. I also wanted to add 1979 and 1980 because there were so many bands that didn't get recognition in the original - the Bags, X, the Alley Cats, köpa Xalatan online, Osta Xalatan online, Jotta Xalatan verkossa, Go Go's...

If people are interested in purchasing a copy where can they get it at. Xalatan withdrawal, Is it mainly mail order. If So please give the order information so they can pick up their copy.

They can contact Kill Your Idols, the publisher, or they can email me at


You are a very close friend of Joan Jett's, what was your opinion of the movie "The Runaways?" You have some very rare and candid photos of Joan and The Runaways in your book. Buy Xalatan no prescription, You could probably do a volume or 2 just on The Runaways. Have you ever thought of that?

I thought Kristen Stewart nailed Joan perfectly. Acheter en ligne Xalatan, acheter Xalatan bon marché, She WAS Joan. And Dakota Fanning was great as Cherie. I was disappointed that the movie left out a few years. But that was because it was based on Neon Angels, Cherie's book, buy Xalatan no prescription. I have thought about doing a book on the Runaways or Joan Jett. I would like to get Joan's blessing.

How has digital photography changed the way you take photos today as opposed to taking photos back in the day. Would you ever shoot a show with film again. Purchase Xalatan online no prescription, if not how come?

Digital photography gives you immediate gratification - you don't have to wait to see the proofsheet.  I love film, especially black and white. Buy Xalatan no prescription, Unfortunately, my enlarger and darkroom equipment were recently stolen.

I want to thank Donna for giving me this interview, and in closing is there anything you would like to say to the fans that wasn't touched on in this interview. Congratulations on the book, and the music community will be looking forward to a few more volumes from the DONNA SANTISI Photography archives.

It was a remarkable time. Robert, where can i find Xalatan online, I remember going to some shows with you. Penetration stands out in my mind.

In closing-

I have a copy of this book signed by the Donna, and if you are fan of Punk Rock and the scene or just a fan of music in general  I highly recommend picking up a copy you will not be dissappointed. It is full of PUNK ROCK AND ROLL HISTORY!!!!!

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