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Unseen Force - In Search of the Truth
From: Richmond, VA

Finally, this mid 80's Richmond, VA Hardcore Punk Masterpiece sees the light of day again! This was originally released by the band in an edition of 500 copies in 1986. It's very hard to get your hands on the original, so we're here to bring this nice Reproduction! Created directly from the original Masters, you know this one sounds nice! This is a must have for fans of early to mid 80's US HC like CIA, BATTALION OF SAINTS, WHITE CROSS and all the good stuff like that! Hardcore for the hardcore, get in or get out! One time pressing of this one, limited to 1000 copies. 300 on Yellow, 700 on Black. The First 250 orders from us get the Yellow Vinyl. Once it's gone, it's gone so don't let it slip away AGAIN!

You can buy this album and more at www.nowayrecords.com

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Bad Parents and Cat Party record release show - at Vinyl Solution - Huntington Beach, CA - April 2, 2008
In store record release shows are always really cool. We are really excited about Bad Parents and Cat Party. Both of the records are insanely good, so go pick a copy of each one up.      ....more »
  Human Mess from Bakersfield, CA
These punks blast out 5 tracks here on their debut ep entitled, "Uncaged Animal." That's exactly what this record is, lashing out with raw, pure, violent mayhem! To get close to what this sounds like, you could take early Poison Idea, and mix it with GERMS, and you wont be too far away.
For more info visit:
Human Mess myspace or No Way Records

Audacity - Pantyhose - Shred Savage - and Pterodacdudes -at A Garage - Anaheim, CA - March 15, 2008
So this was it, the long awaited first show of the Pantyhose! Too bad you didn't go to this show, you probably stayed home because you suck, or you went to the boat show, in which case you are excused.      ....more »
Anti-You from Rome, Italy
12 songs in under 10 minutes here, all killer, no filler. From Italy, these guys take cues from early US and Italian HC and ends up merging the 2 in a whirlwind of Sonic Fury. If you enjoyed the "Pig City Life" One sided ep, You'll definitely shit a brick over this one.
For more info visit:
Anti-You's myspace or No Way Records

C.O.P. - Concrete Face Lift - Retard Strength - Timebombs - Friendly Neighbors and Media Blitz - at Studio Danza - Whittier, CA - March 14, 2008
Great line up. Local bands support 2 awesome touring bands. Retard Strength from Pennsylvania and Concrete facelift from Massachusetts.      ....more »
  Civic Progress from St. Louis, MO
Killer hardcore that is full of negative energy and frustration.7 Songs on this steamroller, and not one of them is a dud. "Petroleum Man" is raw, aggressive, and just plain mean. First 250 get limited RED cover, as opposed to the more available Black and Metallic Silver one shown here.
For more info visit: No Way Records

Harpoon Guns and Loser Life - at Linden Haus - Long beach, CA - February 8, 2008
Linden Haus always gets wild. Its a great place if you like being crammed into a telephone booth. You see, a telephone booth was an outdoor glass booth that was popular in the united states before the advent of the cell phone. You would deposit coins into the telephone and be charged money for the call on the spot. Not a bill.      ....more »
I saw Cat Party for the first time a week ago at an in store record release show at Vinyl Solution in Huntington Beach. I really enjoyed them live, so I figured that I would pick up a copy of their new release for $3 (out Rich Bitch Records). Both the A and B sides are equally amazing. Catchy mid tempo songs without being predictable, flimsy or corny. These songs are well written, solid musical gems, and are also lyrically superior!
For more info visit Cat Party's myspace

Bad Antics - Friendly Neighbors - The Tics - and Slow Thought - Tucson and Scottsdale, AZ - January 25, 2008
On the road with Bad Antics and Friendly Neighbors for a weekend trip to AZ. The Tics were really cool to let us destroy their house...sorry guys...in addition to letting us stay at their place they exposed us to the radest Mexican food place in the world...Taco Shop.      ....more »
  Social Sickness   from Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Social Sickness from Rancho Cucamonga, CA
This is the first release from Social Sickness out on Flat Black records. This record has 12 great songs of fast pace hardcore with a bit of thrash thrown in. This band can be likened to JFA and early DRI.
For more info visit Social Sickness myspace

Bad Antics and Francis Harold and the Holograms - at Fenders Bar and Grill - Fullerton, CA - December 29, 2007
The first and last time these bands will play Fenders Bar and Grill.....      ....more »

  MySpace Band Spotlight  
Go check out Pullout. Why could anyone hate the internet when you can find out and listen to a band like this! This band tears it up. Pullout reminded us alot of another favorite band of ours here, Clit 45. The only question we have, "When are these guys gonna put out an album?" 
Pullout   MySpace:  http://www.myspace.com/pulloutpunx

Benefit show for Chickenhead of DI
with T.S.O.L. - Agent Orange - Manic Hispanic - DI - Shattered Faith -Franki Doll - Uprising - Drain Bramage - Narcoleptic Youth - Noise Attack
at The Galaxy - Santa Ana, CA - February 21, 2008     
(We thought it would be better that you hear from Chickenhead himself on the show)

"Literally trying to keep my composure. If you went to the show Thurs, you heard about the ticket sales. After paying for use of the Galaxy, (by the way, Gary...I'll be calling you, wow. Thanks.) A check was handed to me in the amount of $19,500.00  Now, with the raffle ticket sales, The Paypal donations, and the T-Shirts... $28,000.00 !!!!!!  There are some expenses that come out. But it doesn't add up to much beings everyone gave their time and services so generously.

A few people advised I didn't say how much was raised, but you know what, its all your money, you gave it to me, you have more of a right to know than even I do. God bless you all, I mean it. No matter what or who you believe in, there is a special place somewhere for you, in this life, and places after. I am going to keep you all posted on where the money goes, for what procedure, and how much it cost. Wow, I will never forget this, and I am going to carry on with my life accordingly. The Charity I am setting up is going to be one that actually seeks out people to help, not one that waits to be found.

I did have chemo yesterday, every third week I have to get a double dose, then I'm sent home with a pump on a little shoulder pack that continues to administer chemo over the next four days. So this is when I get really sick. I might not be on for a day or two, but I wanted you to know what you did, and what you are capable of. Faith in humanity is a good thing, it feels good and makes us hopeful, when you are truly hopeful, that's when great help can be achieved, and real change can be made."   Signed,  chckn
      ....more »

The Adicts - The Diffs - All Out Attack - at The Showcase Theater - Corona, CA - January 20, 2008
Monkey of The Adicts announced that this looked like this would be the last time ever that The Adicts would play The Showcase. There is talk about the building owners not renewing the lease with The Showcase, this is a bummer. The Showcase has been a real staple in the music scene and is will be sad to see the party end there.      ....more »
  Carbonas  The Carbonas from Atlanta, GA
Ryan from Tippers Gore says buy it.
Here are a few more phrases Ryan had to say about this record. High Energy 77 Punk - Catchy As Hell - One of the best records they have ever recorded - Every song is a hit!
For more info visit The Carbonas' myspace

Schecter Guitars Presents: The Adicts - at The House of Blues - Anaheim, CA - January 19, 2008
This was for the most part a private show that capped off the NAMM show weekend at the Anaheim Convention Center. Schecter Guitars are a class act and threw one hell of a party. A couple of fans of the Team Goon website won a pair of tickets to be our guests at the show with all the free drinks they could take.      ....more »
  Jonny Mank & The Depresives -Rebound Town CD  As we listened through this album it seemed to hold the same attitude as if we had thrown on a Gears record. Full on Punk rock and roll that is fast and loose. Jonny Mank who has a very impressive resume in music seems to  have really reinvented himself with this band. This San Jose, CA band have hit on a winning sound that really stood out. Good times written all over this one.
Check them out at: http://www.myspace.com/jonnymanak

The Adicts - The Diffs - The Spooky - Noise Attack - at The Malibu Inn - Malibu, CA - January 18, 2008
Back in town is The Adicts for 3 back to back shows. This show gave us a chance to also get an updated listen to with a couple bands we had been watching for a few years now, The Spooky and Noise Attack. Both bands have really come into their own and are kicking some major ass right now.      ....more »
  Broken Bottles -Hospital CD  Hell it was 5 years ago that we first saw this band play, we were blown away then and are still just as stoked on the band. Their latest CD titled "Hospital" delivers the goods. The Bottles keep coming up with cleaver song themes. Backing music that is very reminiscent of early Orange County punk rock laid on a bed of harmonizing that is contagious. Look for them on tour in Japan and Germany.
Check them out at: www.myspace.com/brokenbottlesoc

The Dollyrots - Mere Mortals - The Start - at The Troubadour - Hollywood, CA - January 11, 2008
Chris Black a long time friend to our staff here at Team Goon and drummer for The Dollyrots invited us to The Troubadour to come hang out. Right after this show they left on tour across the country. It was a cool to mix it up and see the bands we did on this show.      ....more »
  The Casualties -Made in NYC CD  With almost 60 minutes of live audio madness recorded at The Knitting Factory in New York. This mega digi-pak also contains a separate DVD of the show. In between the live show video is interviews and candid behind the scenes in the life of The Casualties. This set is awsome!
Check them out at: http://www.myspace.com/thecasualties

Last Mike's House Show - Harpoon Guns - Contaminators - Critical Picnic - TimeBombs - Bad Man - Audacity and more! at Mike's House - San Clemente, CA - Jan 5, 2008
Since September of 2006 Mike has been throwing shows in his garage in San Clemente, but he had to stop because all the punx are starting to attract flies and his Grandma says that the neighbors are afraid of us. Thanks to Critical Picnic and for the tacks, marbles, fluorescent light bulbs and barb wire, and to Time Bombs for the Jell-O and Coffee! Sorry to Dogends and other bands we weren't able to photograph.      ....more »
  Crucial Cause: Try Our Luck E.P. Crucial Cause makes their vinyl debut with their 7inch “Try Our Luck” on Flat Black Records. This thrashy bay area hardcore band is influenced by NYHC. Crucial Cause remind us a bit of Antidote mixed with Youth of Today.
Check them out at: http://www.myspace.com/crucialcause

Media Control - at Westchester Bar and Grill - Los Angeles, CA - December 29, 2007
This young band comes out of Los Angeles and throws down some killer tunes. This is a band we suggest you check out next time you see them on a show.      ....more »
Killing California's new CD, "Goin South" has been out in stores for a while and recently we took a listen. For fans of traditional Punk rock with a grindy type vocal you just found your new favorite band. The talent of this band flows smoothly with no dead spots all the way through their latest offering -The drumming is insane! Go pick up a copy and find out for yourself.
Check them out on the web at: killingcalifornia.com

NU-TRA - at Safari Sam's - Hollywood, CA - December 18, 2007
Nu-Tra (which stands for New Traditionalist) is a band that we have been following for a few years now. For those that are fans of DEVO you will certainly dig this band. They do not play that often in LA so when they are playing you need to show up.      ....more »
  The music of Critical Picnic is raw and low-fi and the lyrics are ridiculous, but this E.P. is a lot of fun with song titles like "Beat Women", "Fetus Dinner", "Handicapped Holocaust", "Disgruntled Pedophile" and "Bob Saget was a war hero". This is one of those albums that will make you hate the people that don't like it because you know they are taking life way too seriously.

TKO Records Xmas Party with - The Smut Peddlers - Channel 3 - Broken Bottles - Destroy Everything - Urban Decay - at The Airliner - Los Angeles, CA - December 16, 2007
TKO knows how to throw a party with a collection of bands that put on a bang up show.      ....more »
  The Briggs -Back To High Ground CD  For fans of Oi!, rock and Punk this is gonna be a good listen and sing along. When The Briggs play live and you are there, life can't get any better. For the times they are not playing live this CD will help you out till they play again. The songs are melodic, some fast and some slow with no 2 songs sounding the same.
Check them out at: http://www.myspace.com/thebriggs

Last Kiss or Kill Club - with Bang Sugar Bang - The Randies - Midway - Silver Needle - Underwater City People - at El Cid - Los Angeles, CA - December 12, 2007
One of the funn'st underground scenes in LA came to an end after a 5 year run. Kiss or Kill Club was certainly the land of misfit toys and that is what made is so great.      ....more »
Government Warning "Arrested" picks up right where 2006's NO MODERATION left off, blazing through four new tracks of their brand of unadulterated hardcore punk rock (think GANG GREEN, RKL, and ADOLESCENTS thrown in a blender)... one catchy as hell title track followed by three more fast and ferocious cuts guaranteed to leave you floored. This EP has it all; hooks, speed, attitude, piss, vinegar ... definitely will not disappoint."

Rock to Roll benefit show with - Flogging Molly - Punk Rock Karaoke - Bouncing Souls - Dead To Me - at The Avalon Theater - Hollywood, CA - December 11, 2007
The benefit show for Wheels For Humanity is a charity that helps provide wheel chairs to those that need them. Over $30,000 was raised this night to help the cause.      ....more »
Gotta love the Harpoon Guns. This is their latest release on Square Wave Records. Tracks include "Cannibal Eyes" "Dried Out" "Coma" and "Brain Freeze". If you were lucky enough to get one of the record release copies then you will know the joy of the hand crafted cover (even though the glue has failed) Pick a copy up somewhere. Or Die. Or just die anyway.

The Adolescents and  Agent Orange at The Galaxy  - Santa Ana, CA - December 1, 2007
Two Great bands and a packed house.      ....more »
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Team Goon Music is a resource for people and bands alike to expose themselves to, and find new bands and show dates from all over the world. Unfortunately Team Goon Music will only be adding other bands as our friends on this MySpace page..     ....more »

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