Reel Big Fish Live! In Concert! – DVD Review

October 18, 2009

Reel Big Fish Live In Concert DVDNever before have I been jealous of 2,500 people at one time, until I watched "Reel Big Fish Live! In Concert!" The DVD, which was filmed at the bands first stop of the "Fame, Fortune, and Fornication" tour at the Grove of Anaheim on January 4th 2009, documents all 20 songs that the infamous Ska band performed that night, with a few added "Backstage Antics" of the band goofing off before the show.

The show starts out with the members of Reel Big Fish, Aaron Barrett (lead vocals and guitar), Scott Klopfenstein (trumpet and guitar), Dan Regan (trombone and backup vocals), Ryland Steen (drums), Derek Gibbs (bass and backup vocals) and John Christianson (trumpet and backup vocals) running out onto the stage before thousands of cheering fans, as they began to perform one of their most popular songs, "Sell Out". The band then proceeds to perform "Another F.U. Song" and the hopeful anthem, "I Want Your Girlfriend", in which Barrett hilariously points out "It's only a song--lighten up buddy", addressing a pissed-off looking man in the crowd. Other highlights in the DVD include "Everything Sucks", a cover of Lita Ford's "Kiss Me Deadly" (where Klopfenstein showcased an amazing trumpet solo), "She Has a Girlfriend Now", "Good Thing", a version of Poison's "Nothin But a Good Time", "S.R" (where trumpeter Klopfenstein took over lead vocals for awhile, and sang the song a few different ways, each time more impressive than the next), and of course, Reel Big Fish's two biggest hits, "Beer" and a cover of a-Ha's "Take on Me", both performed at the end of the set. One of the best parts of watching this DVD, in my personal opinion, was seeing the chemistry between the band mates, notably Aaron Barrett and Scott Klopfenstein. It's obvious to the audience that they've been working together for years, and have fun along the way, making it more enjoyable for the fans, whether you're watching the DVD or actually attending the show.

Reel Big Fish has been one of the biggest ska bands since their start in the 90's, and "Reel Big Fish Live! In Concert!" is a clear indication of why they deserve that title. Their energy, passion, and fun-loving nature has been made apparent through everything they have every produced or put on, which is even more of a reason why Reel Big Fish is a "must see live" experience, but even if you cant go out and see them, this DVD is undoubtedly the next best thing.

Get it here: Reel Big Fish Live! In Concert!

-Sarah K.-
Music scene reporter
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