Punk Rock Academy Fight Song – The Fun Was Never Ending

October 24, 2011

Punk Rock Academy Fight Song - The Fun Was Never EndingSo as most of you have noticed my brilliant musings have been missing in action for close to a month and a half. It hasn’t been by choice and it hasn’t been because of a lack of ideas but rather quite the opposite. The ideas and memories have been bouncing around my brain like a Chinese gymnast on speed. However every time I flipped open the computer and attempted to get started I’d wind up scrapping whatever I was doing and head over to Surfline and see what the waves were like in Costa Rica or i’d kill some time on Facebook. But I just couldn’t focusand whatever words came out just didn’t feel right. To me writing is just like making music if it doesn’t feel right then don’t waste your time going through the motions and who cares if everything is perfectly punctuated if you want perfection read the New Yorker and listen to Steely Dan. And after all we’ve all seen what happens when a band is just going through the motions and not playing from the gut for the fans. Not that I'm claiming to be some great artist but If your gonna take the time to read this I might as well give you what what deserve. Because once again Punk rock is first and foremost about heart and soul and not about virtuosity or perfection.

So a few weeks ago as I was stuck in my rut trying to figure out what to get out of my brain I hit the digital crack pipe known as Facebook and came upon a post from my cousin stating that it was the 15th anniversary of her brothers passing. So this ones for him. My cousin Carlos was killed in a car accident at the age of 21 but he packed more life into those short years than most people do in several lifetimes.If my friend Herman was my partner in crime then Carlos was my partner in good times. He always had a cat eatin’ smile a sharp comeback and would give you the shirt off of his back. He might not have been into Punk but he was as punk as they come. Always up for a good time, or no good, and always willing to back up his family. Our adventures and escapades are far too numerous to ever put on paper but that’s probably for the best cause half the stuff we did deserves to be kept under wraps and words just wouldn’t do justice to the rest. Although among other things he did teach me that in Mexico the best use for your seat belt is as a bottle opener. He also taught me that our families unofficial family motto was No Somos Machos Pero Somos Muchos-which roughly means we may not be tough guys but there’s a lot of us- trust me in spanish and when uttered at just the right time it’s funny as hell and makes plenty of sense. He was the type of guy that I pictured growing old with and bullshitting over beers-well we did that anyway- and visiting his family every summer just the way he did when we were kids.  The irony about his death is that I found out about it after a night of partying and it felt like some kind of hungover nightmare and as soon as I sobered up I’d find out he was alive and well and waiting for me to head down to Mexico and join him for a couple of ice cold Pacificos. The reality is that I miss him like hell and feel ripped off that i never said good bye but I also feel infinitely  grateful to have had all the crazy memories with him and I know he’s been looking over me like the mischievous guardian angel that he is. As much as this is about me finally paying tribute to some one its also for everybody else that's had a Carlos in their life come and go way too quickly. So like most of our favorite songs this ones gona be short, sweet and from the heart. Now go crank up Bro Hymn, have an Ice cold one and live like Carlos.

-Daniel N-

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