Screaming Females – Castle Talk

June 14, 2011

Screaming Females-Castle TalkSeptember 2010 marked the release of Screaming Female’s fourth full length album, Castle Talk. Lead by vocal powerhouse and guitar shredder Marissa Paternoster, the trio is gaining mainstream popularity, including appearances on Carson Daly. Their sound is groovy rock n’ roll, full of wailing guitar solos and funky bass lines, with solid and driving drum beats. The lyrics are clever and witty, sung in Marissa’s signature deep tremolo style mixed with powerful screams.
The band emerged from the New Brunswick, N.J. DIY scene, where they began five years ago, playing basements and backyards, small clubs and DIY venues. With lots of hard work, relentless touring, and two self released full lengths, the band began receiving mainstream attention with their third album, Power Moves.
Now Castle Talk is here, with their most impressive songwriting to date. As a whole the album is driving and catchy, full of songs that make you want to dance and sing to. Songs like “I Don’t Mind It” and “A New Kid” are bound to become hits with their driving, catchy riffs and clever lyrics, while songs like “Nothing at All,” and “Sheep” have a heavier feel, played with aggression and passion.

This CD has something for everyone, covering a wide range of musical styles. Marissa plays guitar like she’s the love child of Jimmy Hendrix and Joan Jett; technical and wailing, with a raw and gritty rock n’ roll sound. Her voice is deep and unique, full of feeling and power. The rhythm section compliments her perfectly, with Jarrett laying down beats ranging from punk, rock, reggae, and even disco. Mike’s bass lines are equally as wailing, with a groovy rock feel hinted with blues and jazz. Together Screaming Females created an album that mixes many styles and genres into one tight knit package, while keeping their unique and always recognizable sound.

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-Mindiana Jones-
Big Wheel Contributor



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