Undertones – The Crowd – Sharp Objects – at The Beauty Bar – Las Vegas, NV

May 29, 2011

Sunday night at Punk Rock Bowling was definitely one of those nights that you would not have wanted to miss! So for those of you who put down your knitting long enough to check out one of the many awesome shows that night, you definitely had an awesome time! That is, unless your girlfriend broke up with you at the show....  If you weren't able to get into the festival show that happened earlier in the the day, and you wanted to see The Undertones, you were in luck! The Undertones had a really small bar show at a club called The Beauty Bar, a bar inside, and trailer park hell out back where the show was. I kid you not, there was an awesome 1950s trailer, converted into a bar, parked out back. Hell, there were even porta-johns out back that completed the whole trailer park vibe!

Unfortunately when we got to the show we had already missed Boats!, the first band, but we were able to catch the last few songs of Sharp Objects as we waited in line at the trailer to buy some beer..


The Crowd played next, and are always a cool band to see, but they had some MAJOR technical issues, which left them short one guitar player after about 15 minutes of waiting in the middle of the set, trying to fix the problem. With no luck, and the clock running out they decided to finish the set with the one guitar, and came back stronger than ever. It was apparent that the audience were impressed with how great they sounded, despite the trouble, and showed their enthusiasm.

The Final Band of the night to perform was The Undertones. I saw them once back in 2004 or 2005 and thoroughly enjoyed them. I was skeptical, thinking they might be out of practice or that maybe my memory had failed me, but when they began to play, they sounded amazing. So full of energy and fun!

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