The Waldos – The Stitches – Dirty Eyes – at Redwood Bar – Los Angeles, CA

June 11, 2011

WaldosThe Redwood Bar and Grill just happened to be the most happening place last Saturday for good old fashioned punk rock n roll mayhem. The Waldos played 2 sets through out the long day for fans who ventured out to the Redwood both early in the afternoon and late into the night.

Joining in on the ruckus were southern California heroes Symbol Six, The Stitches and up and comers known as Dirty Eyes, a band who happen to be taking the LA scene by storm as of late!

The evening show started off with a lengthy set by the aforementioned Dirty Eyes; who happen to be a newer band yet boast an army of loyal fans clinging on to every song they perform. Vocalist Donny Rox’s unique vocal style sets him apart from most local bands which has definitely worked to Dirty eyes advantage in the last year. I am not sure if they have any official full length releases, but somehow their fans were familiar with their tunes which proves that word of mouth is helping this band to become the must know locals of the year! Make sure to keep an eye out for them as they’re likely playing a club around town near you!
The Stitches
Up next were The Stitches who many in the LA scene have been familiar with for years. Their set was nothing short of what people have come to expect and love from them, which is always raw and rambunctious nasty old school punk. Their set seemed to really be all about having a good time, and as they continued to play the bar began to fill up to where it was almost impossible to walk about comfortably. The beer flowed endlessly as more people seemed to pass through the doors entering the already packed dance floor for a chance to dance. The Energy flowed endlessly through the building and right onto the stage as The Stitches finished up their set which only helped to build on what was to come with the headliners.

As The Waldos made their way to the stage, the few hundred punks began to push up to the front which only made for a better feel as The Waldos broke out into the Heartbreakers classic “One Track Mind”. The sing a longs became constant as Walter Lure and Joey Pinter continued to slam the crowd with classic hit after hit spanning the L.A.M.F album (Born to lose, Get off the Phone, Pirate Love, One Track Mind) and an assortment of Waldos tunes. The pushing and pogo’ing was also a constant fixture of the night as LA’s Redwood bar seemed to transform itself into Max’s Kansas City circa 1977’; the look, feel and sounds were authentic and totally right on par for such a legendary band. Later on into the night saw members of Dirty Eyes invited on stage to join The Waldos for a few numbers, most notably that being Pirate Love which was a wild ride into a sleazed world, appropriate for a downtown LA club!

The biggest surprise of the night came about when Frank Infante of Blondie fame hopped on stage and performed “Chinese Rocks”, as extra guitarist of The Waldos. That song has its roots deeply imbedded in the New York punk scene, so it was a very special moment seeing first generation punk rockers reuniting on stage for such a classic jam. As the show ended many knew what they had just seen with their own eyes, and few could believe that such a small hole in the wall bar would be home to such a legendary show put on by The Waldos, The Stitches and Dirty Eyes.

Do yourselves a favor and make sure to catch these bands the next time they are around, it’s a show worth every dollar spent on the price of admission!

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-Louie Bones-
Big Wheel Music Staff Reporter

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