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September 9, 2010

The Vibrators - Blvd Beat - Crazy Squeeze - at Angelo's Pizza - Pomona, <b>Valium For Sale</b>, CA - September 9, 2010For as long as there has been Punk Rock on the west coast Pomona has been a town where the genre has flourished and often out shined other regions near and far. Where can i buy Valium online, Whether it be large venues like the Pomona Valley Auditorium (R.I.P.), Glasshouse or Fox theatre, where can i buy cheapest Valium online, 400mg, 450mg, 500mg, 625mg, the vibe is always 100% authentic and old skool, it’s quite evident the town likes to rock, buy Valium from canada. Farmacia Valium baratos, Valium online kaufen, What happens when you take a legendary band like The Vibrators, and book them at a local pizzeria, buy cheap Valium no rx. Baltimore, Maryland. Milwaukee, Wisconsin, You get a show that is PURE MANIA from start to finish!

The Vibrators brought out a cheery crowd of 100 punks of all ages to their show this past Thursday with help from local acts Blvd Beat and The Crazy Squeez, two bands that are on the rise and making a splash around LA.

First on the bill were the Blvd Beat who played to a very enthusiastic crowd looking to pogo to the full on power pop explosion coming from the stage, Detroit, Michigan, San Jose, California. Buy Valium online no prescription, The kids danced and the band pranced on stage for a half hour much to the crowd’s approval. The Blvd Beat are one of LA’s finest bands who look and sound like they are straight outta New York City’s late 70’s punk scene, Valium For Sale. With soon to be hits “Call the doctor” and “Game called love” it’s apparent that the Squeez are onto something big, acheter en ligne Valium, acheter Valium bon marché, Valium over the counter, keep your eye out for em, they’re likely to be invading a town near you!

Crazy Squeeze photo

Main support for The Vibrators were another Los Angeles based band that go by the sleazy name of “The Crazy Squeeze”, where can i order Valium without prescription. Order Valium from mexican pharmacy, Much like Blvd Beat and The Vibrators, the “Squeez” too bring the sound and feel of authentic 70’s glam punk and power pop to a modern day age which in turn erupts all over the stage and dance floor, buy Valium from mexico. Købe Valium online, αγοράζουν online Valium, The “Squeeze’s” half hour set flew by as more and more people made their way closer to the stage and danced along side other fans. The opening acts were some of the best I’d ever seen at a show and it helped to build up the energy of the show with a much anticipated headliner still to take the stage.

As The Vibrators hit the stage at Angelo’s, Valium in cats, dogs, children, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Las Vegas, Nevada, the pizzeria was now looking more like a concert hall and less of a restaurant. Valium For Sale, The classic song “Petrol” off the bands 1977’ debut “Pure Mania” was a smashing hit with all in attendance and set the dance floor on fire, figuratively speaking that is. Vocalist & guitarist Knox introduced the band and fill in bassist to a very welcoming crowd who then began to shout out requests to which Knox smiled and obliged, 5mg, 50mg, 75mg, 100mg. Fort Worth, Texas. Denver, Colorado, Next up were back to back favorites “Pure Mania”, “I Need a Slave” & “Whips and Furs”, purchase Valium online no prescription, 650mg, 800mg, 875mg, 900mg, each song was welcomed very receptively by the very eager to dance crowd.

Vibrators at Angelos Pizza in Pomona Punk show

Newer songs were welcomed with the same dance floor action too which made for a set that never had a stale moment. More classic tracks like “London Girls” and “Sex Kick” were invitations for stage invaders to climb up and sing or shout into Knox’s microphone which would sometimes fall into the crowd because of the bouncy fans up front pogo’ing up a storm, Indianapolis, Indiana, San Francisco, California. Köpa Valium online, Osta Valium online, Jotta Valium verkossa, With no signs of the hits drying up the Vibrators tore into a mellower sing along classic cut by the name of “Baby Baby” which saw balled fists turned into clapping hands and one hell of a sing along. The Vibrators then left the stage for a good minute before being called back up by the hordes of fans demanding an encore!

Know of The Vibrators at Angeleos Pizza in Pomona

Knox and crew then broke out into the dance friendly “Disco in Moscow” much to the mob’s satisfaction, Valium For Sale. The song saved for last was another hit and personal favorite, New York. Los Angeles, California, Canada, mexico, india, “Automatic Lover” that was nothing shy of pure rock and roll astonishment from first note to last. With a dance floor full of energy and a band belting out hit after hit all night, Austin, Texas, Memphis, Tennessee, Boston, Massachusetts. Charlotte, Carolina, it was painted on everyone’s sweaty face that The Vibrators had just blown through Pomona like a freight train with no brakes!

All in all The Vibrators gig at Angelo’s Pizzeria was a $10 dollars well spent for more than 3 hours of great music and positive vibes from rock and roll bands doing it in an honest fashion that are as real as it gets. With no drama on the dance floor or hassle from security the kids were allowed to have a righteous time from beginning to end.

Vibrators set list:

Petrol / Pure Mania / I Want A Slave / Whips and Furs / Kid / Troops of Tomorrow / Amphetamine Blues / Free / London Girls / Sex Kick / Radar / 24 Hour People / Judy Says / Baby Baby / Disco in Moscow / Automatic Lover

Fore more info on the bands, buy cheap Valium, 125mg, 150mg, 200mg, 250mg, check out the following websites.

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Till next time... Rock on !

-Louie Bones-

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