The Tinglerz – Peccadilloes – Helltown Harlots – Thee Swank Bastards with Mizz Szandora – at Double Down Saloon – Las Vegas, NV

January 29, 2010

Double DownI wasn't exactly sure what to expect Friday night. The only band I had ever seen on this bill was Peccadilloes, and they always put on an awesome show.
So the first band up was "Thee Swank Bastards" They totally surprised me ! I listened to some of their music on the internet and thought wow this is different. Their sound is like "Surf And Soul" they sound like the Ventures, Jan and Dean, the surf music from the 60's. They have something going for them that The Ventures didn't have "Mizz Szandora" She Hula Hoops during their entire set. I got exhausted just watching her. She is amazing!! To be able to Hula Hoop for that amount of time in itself is amazing. but she can work that hoop. and it goes so well with the music. To explain their music a little more to me it's like Black Sabbath Meets The Ventures.

They use no vocals just Jesse Del Quadro on guitar, Shaun "Beelzebozo" Coleman on bass, I'm not sure who was drumming this particular night and Mizz Szandora on hula hoop. They cover a wide variety of songs my favorite was when they covered "War Pigs" by Sabbath, just outstanding. check out their tunes on my space it will amaze you. What a great band, I highly recommend them.

Next up was Local Psychobilly, Rockbilly favorites "The Helltown Harlots" This was my first time seeing them and unfortunately it would be my last, As lead Vocalist Miss Pirate is moving to Los Angeles. along with her vocals you have Katie on stand up bass, Wolfman on guitar, A Shark on drums. They slammed through their set with all the energy of a hardcore punk band !! The psychobilly sound is really incredible, what sets it apart from hardcore punk in my opinion is the stand up bass. I love the way it is incorporated with the electric guitar it gives the music a very unique sound. This band really rocked The Double Down !! I was in front photographing and beleive me I took my share of Hard Knocks from the people in the pit. Thank God for balance or I would have been picking myself up off of the floor. They put on an outstanding set, I wish that it was not their last. By this time the crowd was totally warmed up for the next band.

Up 3rd was "Peccadilloes"  This band never disappoints me. They always give 110%, Playing songs from their 4th full length c.d. entitled "CHAOS SHOW" They totally kicked major A$$. but that is to be expected when you see Peccadilloes. They recorded a song for the yet to be released soundtrack for the yet to be released movie " One Long Day" I will keep you updated on the release date for this movie. I can't say enough about this band, they are becoming my favorite local Las Vegas Band. Whenever you go to a Peccadilloes show you are guaranteed to have a great time !!  And Friday night was no Exception. Excellent Show. They are playing again next Saturday and I will be there Camera in hand.

Last up was another very cool local Las Vegas Hardcore/garage/Punk band,  "The Tinglerz"  With Kei on guitar, Joe on drums, and Eric on bass, with songs like Revenge Beer, Into the sun, and Fancy Heart, They cooked The Double Down with their hardcore punk sound. Fast and Furious. I hope to see them again soon as they really impressed me. You can find all of these bands on MySpace, They have some of their songs on their pages so you can get a little taste of what they are all about.
Once again The Double Down put together an incredible line up of bands each band complimenting one other.  A great night of "PUNKABILLY"

Bob Mandoki
Big Wheel Music Scene Reporter


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