The Scarred – Heeler – Bob Fisk – High Rollers – Johnny Hootrock – BURLESQUE WITH MISS RUBY JOULE and MISS COCO LECTRIC (from the Jigglewatts) – Dive Bombers – at Double Down Saloon – Las Vegas, NV

July 25, 2009

The ScarredThe Double Down Saloon has become one of my favorite places for local bands and just a great place to go to have a good time. Well last Saturday was no different. The night started off with a band from Denver Colorado called Heeler. They jammed through their set with intensity, and electricity like no other.


For me the highlight of their set came when they did an incredible cover of BLACK FLAGS "NERVOUS BREAKDOWN." It was belted out with Punk Energy and sounded as good as the original version. A very High energy band I recommend them if you have the chance to see them.

The next band on the lineup was "Bob Fisk", a 3 piece band who were more metal and thrash than Punk. While the guitar player whaled on his guitar and played it with his teeth it reminded me of Jimi Hendrix. These guys are extremely good. I thoroughly enjoyed their mixture of music. Again another great band not to miss.

The 3rd band on the lineup was The High Rollers. A rockabilly band from Prescott Arizona. Their bass man had his stand up bass, while the lead guitar was a very nice white Gretsch. They belted out their tunes with enthusiasm and pure country rockabilly sound. Every rockabilly band I have seen, to me it's like every lead singer seems to make these facial expressions when they play. This is not a bad thing it's just an observation from me.
They remind me of The Blasters, with Dave Alvin. If your a fan of Rockabilly check these guys out they put the ROCK in ROCKABILLY.

The 4th band on the lineup was Johnny Hootrock with/BURLESQUE WITH MISS RUBY JOULE and MISS COCO LECTRIC (from the Jigglewatts) They are from Austin Texas. I wasn't really sure what to expect from these guys. Their set started out with this Burlesque type music from the 50's, out came Miss Ruby, who performed a little burlesque striptease. By this point I was thinking what kind of music do these guys play? well once they started it was very clear to me that they were Rockabilly as well as The High rollers. But as their set rolled on it came clear to me that their style of music was  "PSYCHOBILLY"

These guys played fast and hard, and with the addition of Miss Ruby and Miss Coco Lectric WHOOOOOO!!!!  what a kick ass band. One of the highlights of their set was when they played a song called "Vodka Shot" Miss Ruby brought out shots of vodka and served the band while they were jamming out this fast and furious tune!

You can't forget Miss Coco, She was outfitted in a Sailor type suit, and various other outfits. In This reporters opinion they danced and performed striptease as fast as the band played!!  and they played FAST! If you like Rockabilly then you will love PSYCHOBILLY. Another great addition to this night of music.  everything from Punk to Psychobilly.  And there were still 2 bands to go. HATS OFF TO MISS RUBY AND MISS COCO LECTRIC.

The 5th band on the Bill was a local band from Las Vegas called the Dive Bombers. They are Punk Rock, and belted their way through about a 30 minute set. While the bass player kept getting knocked down by the slamming audience members they kept on going like the Energizer Bunny. I wish they had played a little longer. If your in Vegas and have a chance to see them I would definitely check them out.

The 6th and final band of the evening was The Scarred from Anaheim Calif. At this time it was 4:00 a.m. and the crowd had thinned out a bit but all the hardcore music fans were still there to see this outstanding trio whip out their set.
The Scarred
Justins vocals really stand out as he jammed through their set, his guitar playing was just as incredible as his voice. With ISHA no longer on drums Ben9000 has taken over the task of beating on the skins. He played so hard and fast that in my opinion I haven't seen anything beaten as bad as he beat on his drim kit since the Rodney King beating. They go side by side beating wise - Incredible drummer. Now playing bass is Byron Sinn, he fits in well with The Scarred. Even though it was very late the crowd still was totally into these guys and there was still a small pit going on. With members of The Dive Bombers helping out on vocals every now and then.
The Scarred
When The Scarred come to your town I highly recommend them, you won't be disappointed . I would say that with all 6 bands on the bill I enjoyed every single one of them. The diversity of the music last Saturday made it an incredible night of "ROCK AND ROLL" Thanks to the Double Down for putting together an incredible night of very talented bands.


Bob Mandoki
Big Wheel Music Scene Reporter


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