The Rozz Williams Fan Tribute Exhibit – at Lethal Amounts – Los Angeles, CA

April 1, 2013

The Rozz Williams Fan Tribute Exhibit - at Lethal Amounts - Los Angeles, CA - April 1, 2013Fans of the Rozz Williams and Christian Death are in for a visual treat as the Lethal Amounts Gallery in Los Angeles have on display what may be the largest exhibit and tribute to Rozz’s work the world has ever seen. We were there to witness the opening reception of one of the coolest exhibits we have seen in our fair town in years! Read below to see what went down and what you can expect to see at the gallery before its closing reception on April 27th.

The opening reception Monday evening was quite the gathering of long time fans looking to celebrate the life and legacy of Rozz’s work. How many you ask? Well when we showed up there was a long line out the door as the gallery was already at maximum capacity and it remained that way all through the duration of the event. Once we got in we were amazed to see how many old school fans were in attendance, lots of young fans were there too. How fitting that it would take place on a day that is most memorable to Christian Death fans; April 1st, the day Rozz passed away in 1998.

Some of the items on hand included Rozz’s dresses from photo shoots dating back to 1981, as well as jewelry, stage props and instruments used through out his live career and the original art work for “Only Theatre Of Pain“ donated by Lisa Fancher of Frontier Records. A number of what was on display were rare items that have been out of the public's eye since the 80’s, so it was a real thrill for fans to see such artifacts up close and personal. We overheard one fan mentioning that he wanted to put on Rozz’s dress and wear it home, many items were for sale though we’re certain Rozz’s clothing were off limits.

A lot of what was on display were fan made items that included paintings, drawings, collages, other art work and even a home-made blanket made up of classic Rozz images. Ancient flyers and gig posters were a plenty, fans really dug deep into their personal collections to make this exhibit special and extensive.

Every vinyl release related to Rozz was on display as well, vinyl collectors must have been so stoked to see everything in one place along side each other.

Many of Rozz’s long time friends were there as well, amongst them were Rikk Agnew of Adolescents and Christian Death fame as well as  photographer Edward Colver. Rare and previously unseen photos taken by Edward were for sale as well as a limited edition Rozz shirt and poster commemorating the event.

Perhaps the eeriest display was the screening of Pig, a film that Rozz co-directed and starred in just before his death. The experimental psychological silent horror film which only lasts 23 minutes sent chills down the spines of its viewers, it was not for the faint of heart!

One super fan even made a cake in memorial of Rozz, although not black it was still a delicious pastry and one that many took joy in eating as the opening reception came to a close just before midnight.

For casual fans and die hards this exhibit is a must see as it’s the ultimate tribute to Rozz‘s life and work. We absolutely loved it and hope that every Christian Death fan in LA gets a chance to check it out before it concludes on April 27th. Do yourself a favor and make your way there before it’s too late. You’ll be sorry if you snooze.

“I can die a thousand times, but I‘ll always be here” - Rozz Williams, 1963-1998

            More photos of the show can be seen HERE

-Louie Bones- Big Wheel Staff Reporter




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