The Dickies – The Avengers – Agent Orange – and The Seriouslys – at The Country Saloon – Las Vegas, NV

May 27, 2012

The last night of the club shows was on Sunday May 27, and the Country Saloon was hosting a show with one of the most epic lineup including The Seriouslys, Agent Orange, The Avengers, and The Dickies.  Before the show even started, the line was longer than any of the shows going on that night.

The Seriouslys opened up the show that night.  The 3 piece all girl band played punk rock n roll, somewhat similar to the band NY Rel-X.  The cool thing about them is that each girl sang at least one song.  There was one song they played where each girl sang a different verse but all sang together when it was time for the chorus.

The venue filled up quickly right before Agent Orange got on stage. “Miserlou” was the song they first played and then went right into “Everything Turns Grey”.  A lot of people were saying how it was weird and different to see Agent Orange be the second band to play.  Most people are so used to seeing them headline or the supporting act.  They played one new song called “This House is Haunted”.

Surprisingly a lot of people were there to see The Avengers.  They played more song from their “Pink Album”. They played most of their songs slower than what they usually are, but it still sounded really good regardless of the speed.  A few people were messing around and asking where the rest of The Avengers were from the Marvel Comic.  It was kind of funny because there was one guy dressed up as Captain America and he walked right in as they started their set.  

The Dickies headlined the show and this was one that you couldn’t forget.  If you’ve seen them before, you know a typical Dickies set kind of from start to finish.  To everyone’s surprise, they opened up with “Killer Klowns from Outer Space”.  Most of the people in the show were part of the older crowd, which makes sense with the band lineup.  Leonard did his typical dance moves and brought out his props to go along with songs, and honestly it never gets old.  Their encore song was “Banana Splits”, which was also really rad because they never play that song either.

Regardless of which club show you ended up at, they were all great from what people heard.  This was the perfect show to end the second to last night of Punk Rock Bowling.


-Corrina P.-

Big Wheel Staff Reporter


                     More photos of the show can be seen HERE

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