The Bangles – Three O’ Clock – Dream Syndicate – Rain Parade – at The Fonda Theatre – Hollywood, CA

December 6, 2013

The Bangles - Three O’ Clock - Dream Syndicate - Rain Parade - at The Fonda Theatre - Hollywood, CA - December 6, 2013For fans of the LA Paisley Underground sound there was no better time than the 1980s and no better place to be than in Los Angeles. Music trends have come and gone since many times over, but one thing remains; people in LA love their hometown bands and continue to do so decades on into their careers. December 6th 2013 went down in local rock history as a day where fans got to see crucial bands of that specific era on one bill in support of a great cause as well.

    Rain Parade

The aforementioned bill was as follows, Rain Parade, Dream Syndicate, the Three O’ Clock, and The Bangles. If you had an interest in the Paisley Underground then you were definitely one of the many in attendance Friday night as the Fonda was a packed house. If you weren’t there then you really missed out on perhaps a once in this lifetime kind of concert.

    Dream Syndicate

Every band on the bill was as on point as any fan could have hoped for. Every hit in each of the bands respective back catalog was played to a crowd who was as receptive as one could find on a Friday night. There were some fun covers thrown in for good measure like the Syd Barret fronted Pink Floyds “Lucifer Sam” by The Three O’ Clock.

    The Three O'Clock

It was The Bangles hour long plus set that featured an introduction from none other than legendary KROQ Dj Rodney on the Roq’ Bingenheimer and more hit songs than any of the openers sets. Whether it was an Bangles original like the fun “Want You” or Simon and Garfunkel cover “A Hazy Shade of Winter” The 3 original members harmonized live on stage just like they did on the record, perfect pop.

    Rodney Bingenheimer

It was over an hour of perfect pop and all around greatness from a band who wrote fun many fun songs that have simply lasted the test of time. For those who happened to miss Friday nights show you are in luck as The Bangles are playing The Whiskey A Go Go early next year.

More photos of the show can be seen HERE


-Louie Bones-
Big Wheel Staff Reporter




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