The Adicts – The Billy Bones – and The Objex – at The Hard Rock Cafe – Las Vegas, NV

March 15, 2013

I knew this show was going to be bad ass from the start, how could it not be? Any show with The Adicts always kicks ass!! With opening bands like The Objex (of the most popular Las Vegas), and The Billy Bones. This line up would be enough to please anybody. The cool thing about this show was the bands playing, you had The Objex new school Punk, and old school Punk with The Billy Bones and The Adicts.


The first band to hit the stage was Las Vegas’s very own The Objex. Lead singer Felony Melony, in my opinion, rocks the best Mohawk I have ever seen. Once they started belting out their songs the crowd totally got into the energy of the music and Melony’s vocals. It was pure energy from start to finish. The Objex played their older hits as well as newer songs off their recent release "RSVP for Debauchery". They totally rocked.  It was a shame their set was so short, but in their 30 minutes on stage, they packed an hour of pure adrenaline and energy. They were definitely a great pick for an opening band, as they got the crowd rowdy for The Adicts.

Next up was “The Billy Bones”

These guys are totally 1977 punk rock. Starting off their set with "We’re selfish", the crowd was totally into the great guitar riffs and screaming vocals. The BIlly Bones blasted “AYE AYE AYE”, "The Cowboy Way", "Deadbeat Blues", and my favorite from back in the day “Victims”.

This was another great pick to add to the line-up. for opening bands they were very well received by the audience.  After they played  the crowd just kept chanting “ADICTS ! ADICTS! Well it wasn’t much longer before they got what they were asking for. Hats off to The Billy bones for putting on an awesome set. 

And now Ladies and gentlemen here we go The Adicts came on stage and everyone went crazy !!  Starting off their set with "Joker In The Pack", they tore it up with the entire audience slamming and jumping around you could feel the floor beneath you moving. As always at every gig Monkey had his incredible props, throwing stuffed animals into the audience and his signature playing cards for "Joker In The Pack". They played all their hits like "Fuck It Up", "Troubadour", and "Life Goes On". By this point the Streamers and confetti were flying all over the place, the entire audience was going crazy it was incredible.

These people were totally addicted to The ADICTS  Monkey would stop singing and the crowd would sing the words to the songs without missing a beat to the music.  The hits just kept coming with "SteamRoller", "How Sad",  and a new take on “Who Spilt My Beer”  Monkey kneeled down and put a cup of beer on his head, Pete stood behind him and then I guess Pete spilt his beer as he smacked the cup off of his head with his guitar, first time I had seen that. 

Then came the last 2 songs one of my favorites “VIVA LA REVOLUTION”  and “Walk On”. Unfortunately we all had to actually "Walk On" as that was the last song for the evening. As usual, they put on an Extraordinary show!!  Who could expect anything else from these amazing musicians.  

HAPPY 35th YEAR and hopefully another decade or more. This is one band you can see a hundred times and want to keep seeing them over and over. Always a let down when the show is over,  But it gets you in the mood till next time they come to town.

            More photos of the show can be seen HERE

-Bob M.-
Big Wheel Contributor




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